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7 Sustainable Brands to Support for Plastic-Free Beauty Day 2022

It's Plastic-Free Beauty Day! Celebrate by checking out some brands doing good in the beauty industry by ditching plastic for good.

Written by
Brenna Marshall

Today's Plastic-Free Beauty Day! We wanted to celebrate by highlighting some of our favorite beauty brands that are ditching plastic entirely.

Did you know that every plastic lipstick case, eyeliner, foundation compact, and tube of face wash you've used since you started wearing makeup in middle school still exists today? Even properly recycled or reused plastic can end up in the sea or in the landfill. With the beauty industry creating 152 billion units of packaging every year, it's time to reconsider your holy grail beauty items.

We urge you to first use up the products you currently have before buying something new. If you're fully stocked, bookmark this article for future reference—then when you're ready to buy something new, you'll have plenty of plastic-free beauty options to choose from.

By the way, there are also several plastic-free beauty items you can shop from the Brightly Shop. Take a peek at reusable makeup remover pads, plastic-free hair ties, plastic-free razors, and more when you go to the personal care category in the shop.

7 Plastic-Free Beauty Brands to Try

Dew Mighty worked hard to become a 100% plastic-free company. That doesn't just include its product packaging and refills—that also includes its shipping materials. The Brightly team is a fan of the Bloom Jelly Serum Bar—a waste-free alternative to traditional serums.

The 3-in-1 Balmies from Axiology are completely plastic-free. They come wrapped in recycled paper, just like a Crayola crayon. Use Balmies on your eyes, cheeks, and lips, then simply rip the paper down as you go.

Even the box the product arrives in is plastic-free. It's made from 100% recycled paper waste that's been found on the beaches of Bali and repurposed to create packing for brands like Axiology.

Hear ye! Hear ye! If you thought you'd never enjoy the simple thrill of glitter again because of how damaging it is to the planet, guess again.

BioGlitter is a 100% plastic-free glitter. Made from a cellulose film that comes from responsibly-sourced eucalyptus trees, the product is biodegradable and safe to use on your face and body.

Just be sure to purchase it from a licensed reseller like EcoStardust, as greenwashing may lead you into purchasing a "biodegradable" glitter that actually needs industrial machines to break down.

Kate McLeod has a simple mantra: "less is more." Aside from using fewer ingredients, that also involves less packaging. The brand's plastic-free moisturizers for your face and body come in reusable bamboo-topped glass jars. The refill system is also 100% plastic-free.

5. Ethique

Ethique is 100% plastic-free, making it easy to shop for all your beauty needs: There's haircare, skincare, body products, and more. Instead of using plastic, all of the solid bars come in paper packaging that was designed to be as planet-friendly as possible.

Pangea Organics made a big move this year: Changing from single-use plastics to aluminum bottles and caps. The process took 27 months to complete, and the brand did a full lifecycle analysis to figure out the best alternative to plastic. One thing to note: The pumps and sprayers are still made of plastic, but they can be reused over and over again.

Most products from Eco Roots are plastic-free, and you can rest assured that the shipping materials are plastic-free as well. Check out the Powder Face Cleanser: It's packaged in a glass bottle with a metal lid, making it a great plastic-free option for your shelfie.