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diy closet organizer
10 DIY Closet Organizer Ideas, No Plastic Bins Needed
Looking to get your closet under control? Skip the unnecessary plastic bins in favor of these DIY closet organizer ideas.
how to make soap at home
How to Make Soap at Home: Your Easy-to-Follow Guide
Learning how to make soap at home is easy. Here's everything you'll need and simple instructions to follow.
secondhand shopping tips
Kellie Brown Shares Secondhand Shopping Tips That Help Elevate Your Interior Design
Learn how to thrift your way to a home you love.
lifestraw home water filter review
Yep, You're Probably Drinking Microplastics, Bacteria, and Chemicals—This Sleek Pitcher Removes All of Them
The LifeStraw Home water filter pitcher is the only option on the market that removes bacteria and parasites, in addition to microplastics and 30+ contaminants. Here’s my honest review.
eco-friendly renter tips
3 Renter-Friendly Ideas to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly
Struggling with being more eco-friendly as a renter? These tips will help you live more sustainably from wherever you are.
homesteading in the suburbs
4 Low-Cost Ways to Homestead in the Suburbs
You can homestead from anywhere—even the suburbs. Learn four simple, low-cost ways to get started on your journey.
You Can Turn Your Lawn Into an Enchanting Meadow—Here's How
Ditch the grass and go for a more sustainable alternative: a meadow. Here's how to turn your lawn into a meadow with ease.
gardening for beginnings how to grow your own food
Gardening for Beginners: 12 Tips for Growing Your Own Food
Growing your own food is both fulfilling and eco-friendly. If you're ready to get started, consider this gardening for beginners 101.
minimalist lifestyle
3 Reasons to Embrace a Minimalist Lifestyle, According to an Expert
Dara Zycherman, owner of Less Equals More, helps clients adopt a more minimalist lifestyle that's sustainable in more ways than one.
diatomaceous earth
What Is Diatomaceous Earth—and Is It Sustainable?
Made from the fossils of single-celled algae, diatomaceous earth is a sustainable (and incredibly useful) material you need to know about.
how to prepare your home for climate change
5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Effects of Climate Change
Extreme weather can be detrimental to our homes. Here are five ways to prepare your home for the effects of climate change.
5 Hemp Sheets to Try for a Sustainable Night's Sleep in 2023
Hemp is a sustainable alternative to other bedding options on the market. Here are the best hemp sheets to try in 2023.
5 Beautiful Prefab Tiny Homes You Can Buy Online in 2023
Prefab tiny homes reduce your environmental footprint along with your square footage. Here are five you can buy online now.
5 Ways to Help Your Plants Survive the Heat Wave
Here's everything you can do to help your favorite plants survive this summer's record-breaking heat wave.
How to Adopt a Tiny Living Mindset from Anywhere
Have you ever thought about tiny living? An expert shares how you can adopt tiny house living from anywhere, no matter your square footage.
6 Sustainable Home Design Trends, From Japandi to Recycled Modern
These eco-friendly home design trends make it easy to live more sustainably, from Japandi to recycled modern.
7 Online Secondhand Furniture Stores That Make Shopping Easy
These online secondhand furniture stores make furnishing your home easy and sustainable. Here are the best ones to start with.
Do Houseplants *Really* Clean the Air? Here’s What Scientists Say
Air-purifying houseplants are a popular request, but do plants actually clean the air? Here's the surprising truth.
How to Quit Fast Furniture for Good
Fast furniture might be convenient, but it isn't good for the planet. We're sharing how to quit fast furniture for good.
11 Books About Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Living
Here are 11 great books to read if you are looking to boost your knowledge about sustainability and climate change. Happy reading and feel free to share your reviews in the comments below!
5 Easy Eco-Friendly Cleaning Swaps Anyone Can Do Today
Here are 5 easy tips to help you get started in making simple eco-friendly cleaning swaps in your home.
10 Amazon Alternatives: Ethical Marketplaces to Shop
Here are a few places to shop if you're looking for alternatives to the biggest e-commerce store on the planet.
How to Sustainably Renovate Your Home
We’ve got some great tips in order to keep your remodel as sustainable as possible.
10 Easy Eco-Friendly Crafts for Everyone
These eco-friendly, low-waste crafts use materials and supplies you already have laying around your home.
Quarantine Conscious Eating: Our Top Tips
We'll show you how to make choices that are good for you, others, and the planet during this time of need.
5 Ways to Help The Planet While You’re Homebound
I'm not going to sugarcoat it – we're in some uncertain times right now. Let's stay as positive as possible and lean on our newfound resource (time!) to do good for the planet and those around us.