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fireworks environment impact
Are Fireworks Bad for the Environment?
Are fireworks bad for the environment? Here's the toll fireworks take on the planet and human health, plus some alternatives to try.
inspiring women in sustainability
15 Inspiring Women to Follow in the Sustainability Space
These inspiring women in sustainability, from leaders in climate legislation to environmental scientists, are making the world a better place.
the last of us sustainable moments
Accidentally Eco: 5 Sustainable Aspects of HBO's Hit Show 'The Last of Us'
In the world of "The Last of Us," an America decimated by a global pandemic caused by a mutated fungus finds characters surviving in a quarantine zone, and encountering accidentally eco moments in the process.
toxic chemicals ohio
How Ohio's Toxic Train Derailment and Arizona's Hazmat Spill Are Impacting the Environment
Chemical spills in East Palestine, Ohio, and Tuscon, Arizona, come with adverse effects on human health and the environment.
avatar way of water sustainability
Accidentally Eco: The Sustainability of 'Avatar' and Pandora
In the world of 'Avatar,' Pandora's Na'vi live in accordance with nature, leading to a wealth of accidentally eco moments that feel poignant and personal.
wednesday addams sustainability
Accidentally Eco: The Sustainability of 'Wednesday' and Nevermore
In the world of "Wednesday," the students of Nevermore Academy—Wednesday Addams in particular—enjoy an outcast education defined by accidentally eco moments.
don't worry darling sustainability
Accidentally Eco: The Sustainability of 'Don't Worry Darling' and 1950s
The world of Don't Worry Darling finds couples in the idyllic town of Victory where they live life 1950s-style. And rather sustainably.
digital slomads
Nomads No More: Digital Slomads Are All About Taking Their Time
Digital slomads are taking their remote work all over the world. They're also keeping their environmental impact in mind.
Heads Up, Hummus Lovers: A Chickpea Shortage Is Coming
Unfavorable weather, supply chain issues, and effects of the Russia-Ukraine War could result in a global chickpea shortage.
The Monarch Butterfly Is Now on the Endangered Species List
The monarch butterfly is officially an endangered species. Here's what you need to know—and how you can help.
Eco-Friendly Diapers to Try, from Cloth Diapers to Compostable
These eco-friendly diapers are much better for the environment. Here's our top picks for cloth diapers, compostable diapers, and more.
How Actor Torrey DeVitto Advocates for the Planet
You know actor Torrey DeVitto from her roles in Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars. But she's also an advocate for animals and the planet.
Rewilding Can Help Save the Planet—If It’s Done Properly
As calls to prevent climate change become more urgent, rewilding has become an important conservation effort. Here's what it is, how it works, and why it matters.
Is Palm Oil Bad for the Planet? Here's What You Need to Know
Palm oil can be found in so many products we use. But what is it, exactly—and is palm oil bad for the planet? Here's what you should know.
LEGO Is Creating Its Iconic Bricks Out of Recycled Material—Plus 5 Other Companies Making Sustainable Moves
LEGO announced plans to make its products more sustainable by creating bricks out of recycled material. Plus, other companies that are making eco-moves.
Gucci's Sneakers Got an Eco Makeover! Check Out the Latest Line
Gucci's sneakers got an eco-friendly makeover. The latest line is made with demetra—a vegan material made from wood pulp.
How the Keystone XL Pipeline Project's Termination Benefits the Planet
The Keystone XL Pipeline Project is officially canceled. Here's how that benefits the planet, the people, and the animals.
A New Study Found 20 Companies Produce Half the World's Plastic Waste
A new study found just 20 companies are fueling more than half of the single-use plastic waste in the world.
What’s Earth Hour? Here’s How to Participate in the Global Movement This Weekend
Mark your calendars for Earth Hour 2021, folks! Participating in this global movement is as easy as switching off the lights.
3 Valuable Lessons My Chinese Family Taught Me About Sustainability
Some people think of environmentalism as a privileged cause for the white and moneyed. But, if anything, my family’s history has shown me that there are other ways to conserve.
What Is Eco-Minimalism? Your Guide to Getting Started
Eco-minimalism not only does wonders for the planet, but also your mental health. Here's everything you need to know.
Why It's Important to Be an Imperfect Environmentalist
No one's perfect, and that's why Isaias Hernandez of Queer Brown Vegan says being an imperfect environmentalist is the way to go.
How to Get Your Partner to Care About Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle
Here are some tips that will help you grow stronger as a couple.
What Does FSC-Certified Mean?
Read on to understand the meaning behind the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) product certification.
How to Use Social Media to Advocate for the Environment
Admire online activists? There's no reason that you can't be like them! Here are a couple easy steps to becoming that social media account of your dreams.
Why Is the World on Fire?
From Seattle to Portland to the Bay Area, it seems like the whole West Coast is covered in bright orange skies and billowing smoke. Wildfires aren’t a new phenomenon, but we are seeing more and more of them each year.
How Intersectional Environmentalism and Environmental Justice Are Changing the World
Take the time to digest this information and learn how to be a better intersectional environmentalist advocate.
What You Need to Know About Carbon Emissions
Everyone knows that carbon emissions play a massive role in climate change, but understanding exactly how they effect climate change and what individuals can do to help is a different story.
Why Intersectional Environmentalism Matters To All
We can't talk about eco-friendly and sustainable living without understanding how environmentalism as we know it has not been accessible to all in the past, and still isn't today. Intersectional environmentalism puts environmentalism and social justice squarely together, and here's why it's important to everyone.
5 Must-Read Books and Articles About Intersectional Environmentalism
We all share a passion for bettering ourselves and bettering the world. Let’s leverage the eco-friendly and sustainable living community to learn, create positive social change and move our world and culture forward. There is power in collective action.
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