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How to Get Your Partner to Care About Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Here are some tips that will help you grow stronger as a couple.

Written by
Giselle Magana

If your partner doesn’t take eco-living as seriously you, consider turning it into an opportunity to grow closer through differences. It could help you understand and respect one other on a deeper level. This opens the way for a mutual path of growth and connection. The following tips are specific ways you can use to strengthen this path and grow stronger as a couple. 

1. Have Meaningful Conversations

It’s important to recognize the power of dialogue as a way to bridge differences. Having meaningful conversations can help your partner realize how passionate and dedicated you are to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Your passions may not always be obvious, so explaining how important eco-friendly living is to you could make a real difference. 

Consider setting up a time and space where you could have a meaningful conversation with your partner. You can prepare by reflecting on what you want to communicate with your loved one. Take the time to write down a list of reasons why someone would want to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle and why your partner should join the cause. 

Then, summarize this list into five sentences capturing your main points. These points will help you explain your thoughts in a concise manner. A clear and well-intentioned conversation can help your partner embrace change rather than fear it. All the while, however, be sure to maintain an open mind when hearing their response. It’s important to understand their point of view and their unique sustainability journey or goals, especially if they differ from your own.

2. Respectfully Address Different Perspectives 

Addressing and embracing differences is a natural part of a healthy relationship. It allows for growth and learning in different areas of life. Consider using your eco-friendly lifestyle as a way to understand your partner's unique perspective. 

Not everyone will think and feel the same way as you do, so don’t go in with the idea of trying to change your partner. Rather, consider embracing your partner's thoughts and look for areas where compromise can be made. This could be as small as swapping standard light bulbs out with eco-friendly light bulbs. There is nothing wrong with minor improvements because they have potential, as small changes are often the seeds leading to big action. 

All in all, your partner does not need to take eco-friendly living as seriously as you to embrace these small steps. By providing them the right tools, such as these tips to a zero-waste starter pack, they can easily join you in your journey. 

3. Set the Example

There are many different reasons why someone wouldn’t take eco-living as seriously as you. It can include not being as informed about climate issues, not being inspired to do anything, not being exposed to environmentalist thinking, or not being raised to think that way. No matter the reason, consider setting the example. This can allow your partner to have a first-hand experience in the world of eco-friendly living. 

Plus, setting a good example could inspire them to embrace more steps towards sustainability as a whole. Just remember that progress can be slow, so trust that you and your partner’s daily actions are part of a bigger picture. Moreover, a simple act like that of shopping consciously together can help your loved one learn how environmentalism is connected to a sustainable lifestyle. 

4. Spend Time Together in Nature 

You and your partner can bond and have fun by spending time in nature. Choose an easy activity that could help show your partner how important eco-living is and how it’s connected to the world. One idea includes visiting a nearby forest preserve for a weekend.

You could even arrive equipped with all the latest eco-friendly, outdoorsy equipment to heighten the fun. This is not only a great adventure but a learning activity of how you and your partner interact outdoors. Additionally, it may expose you to another phenomenon that is all too common nowadays: “mask trash.”

Furthermore, this unplugged time spent together could provide key insight into the thoughts and feelings your partner holds around nature, which would otherwise be masked. Don’t underestimate your partner’s capacity to love something that you care about in life. 

5. Have Fun Together 

Having fun is a great way to provide positive affirmation of an eco-friendly lifestyle. It doesn’t need to be boring or tedious. In fact, this could cause unnecessary added stress and tension. Instead, consider how you and your partner can make environmentalism fun!

Having a positive attitude and motivation to get closer with your partner can help create productive change together. Consider watching documentaries together about nature, hosting a nature-themed party, or pretending your houseplants are your kids. It can be as silly and out of the box as you wish it to be. The point is to grow with your partner and to learn how to work together in the face of environmental issues.