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You Need to Follow These Five Environmental Influencers Right Now

Want to follow some inspirational environmental influencers on Instagram but aren't sure where to start? We got you.

Written by
Evelyn Mukherjee

Finding an environmental or eco influencer can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve found five personable, uplifting, and inspirational influencers for you! Whether you’re looking for vegan recipes or eco-friendly DIY home products, this list has got you covered. 

For Lovers of Small Businesses 


Stevie is the founder of @yayforearth natural skin lotion. She is a climate and social activist. Her Instagram is full of relatable posts, which is sometimes difficult to find when looking for climate activists to follow. She works to be fully transparent about her brand and even goes to her followers for advice on her products. 

Through her posts, Stevie shows the imperfections of being an environmentalist. Personally, she is one of my favorite social activists! She’s not afraid to share her opinions and brings environmental issues to her followers’ attention. 

Stevie is based in Brooklyn and shows that even city dwellers can be environmentally conscious consumers. As an added bonus, Stevie holds sales on her story for her used clothing (and might I add that her style is impeccable!) 

For Green Thumbs


Poppy is a gardener and forager based in the United Kingdom. Many of her posts revolve around appreciating nature and showing off her beautiful gardens. Not only are they heartwarming, but they are also very informative. 

Poppy covers many topics from permaculture and regenerative farming to foraging common plants to create meals. She also offers advice on how to take care of plants through Instagram TV videos. 

Poppy collects different plants she finds in wildlife fields with the intention of eating them and showing them to her community of followers. Not only does she share informative posts about nature, but she also raises awareness about the positive benefits of connecting oneself to their surroundings. If you’re looking for a warmhearted, green thumb influencer, Poppy is the one for you! 

For Those Seeking Eco-Education


Isaias, also known as @queerbrownvegan on Instagram, is an inclusive influencer who focuses on educating his followers on different environmental topics and issues. From explaining concepts like zero-waste living to complex topics such as solastalgia, he is able to summarize important concepts in concise posts. 

In fact, his Instagram is definitely stalk-worthy! On top of his educational posts, Isaias promotes eco-friendly brands like Avocado Mattress and connects personally with his followers by talking about his life. If you’re interested in learning more about the environment and going deeper into topics other than conscious consumerism, @queerbrownvegan’s page is the place for you!

For Selfcare DIYers


@bottagazerowaste is perfect for those looking to get serious about making their own bath products at home. Marta is very diligent when making eco-friendly products and even has a shop to sell her products. Even though Marta sells her own products, she also teaches workshops on how to make them. She has all kinds of recipes, from shampoo to body soap! 

As well as posting on Instagram, she has a Facebook group for product makers where she shares even more tips on customizing products and discusses the proper safety equipment needed to make soap. 

Marta stresses the importance of natural and non-toxic ingredients for the body, and it really shows in the beautiful product pictures on her feed. Once in a while, she will host free soap making workshops for both experienced and inexperienced makers. She will also occasionally send instructional pdfs. If you’re looking to get into homemade bath products, Marta’s Instagram is the ultimate one-stop place to learn all about it! 

For Vegan Foodies


Jeeca, or @thefoodietakesflight, has an Instagram that will make your mouth water. The food she posts will make you want to eat your phone. Her vegan recipes are perfect for those looking to spice up their cooking. She has recipes for extravagant dinners, simple morning breakfasts like pancakes, and more! 

The recipes Jeeca makes are full of flavor, color, and nutrients, which is really the holy trinity of food. Although her page isn’t based on cooking for environmental purposes, Jeeca does a great job of using whole ingredients that you can find either unpackaged or packaged in paper or glass at the grocery store. Jeeca does occasionally post about the environmental issues that she wants to bring awareness to as well. Her page is full of life, and her captions are always personable. She’s a great resource for easy, flavorful vegan recipes.