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5 Must-Read Books and Articles About Intersectional Environmentalism

We all share a passion for bettering ourselves and bettering the world. Let’s leverage the eco-friendly and sustainable living community to learn, create positive social change and move our world and culture forward. There is power in collective action.

Written by
Laura Wittig

We cannot imagine a sustainable future without justice. Environmentalism and diversity go hand in hand, yet race and class are often left out of discussions. 

To create a sustainable future, our conversations must include people of all races, social classes, religions, and sexual orientations. These difficult conversations are a necessary step in fighting systemic racism and learning and growing.

Below, we've highlighted intersectional environmentalism books and articles by important Black voices in the Intersectional Environmentalism movement. Read, listen, and support them in order to advance sustainable living for all.

5 Intersectional Environmentalism Books and Articles to Read