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Accidentally Eco: The Sustainability of 'Don't Worry Darling' and 1950s

The world of Don't Worry Darling finds couples in the idyllic town of Victory where they live life 1950s-style. And rather sustainably.

don't worry darling sustainability
Written by
Calin Van Paris
Welcome to Victory. The husbands are off to work, the wives are at home (dutifully cooking and cleaning, of course), and a seemingly idyllic 1950s-inspired environment provides for a wealth of accidentally eco moments.
Whether you caught Don't Worry Darling for the plot's psychological intrigue or the surrounding celebrity drama, the movie is likely on your radar. Plus, the stylized retro aesthetics provide some great visual escapism.

The 1950s and Environmentalism

The 1950s was an era of growing awareness as organizations and legislators turned their attention to the environment—many for the first time. Heavy smog
resulted in deaths
all over the world, and in 1955, Congress passed the
Air Pollution Control Act
, the first piece of federal legislation to address air pollution.
The decade also saw the
establishment of the Nature Conservancy
, a nonprofit with the goal of protecting land and waters around the world. It was the beginning of what would become an endless battle to preserve our natural resources, the better to protect the planet.
Which brings us back to Victory. With all of the trappings of a retro utopia, the contained town finds its residents making the sort of accidentally eco moves synonymous with the postwar era.

5 Accidentally Eco Aspects of 'Don't Worry Darling'

1. Home-Cooked Meals

The women in this "perfect" world fulfill all the roles of the traditional housewife, including whipping up delicious homecooked meals. Cooking at home allows you more say in the
food system
in which you're partaking—and its environmental impact.
(Given the 50s inspo, we're guessing that the majority of meals in Victory are meat-centric, but we like to imagine that Alice would enjoy some
plant-based options
, too.)

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2. Public Transportation

After the husbands leave for work with the vehicle, the wives get around Victory using public transportation, which takes the form of some very cute trolleys known as the Victory Bus Link.
emit fewer greenhouse gases
than single-occupancy cars, and—as they can transport several passengers at once—are far more fuel efficient. And in Victory, you can ride for free!

3. Shopping Local

Nothing seems to exist outside of Victory, making shopping local an eco-minded must. Supporting area businesses boosts economies and helps promote mindfulness around materials and methods used—not to mention the energy saved on
shipping and returns

4. Air-Dried Clothing

Line-drying laundry! Need we say more? While air-drying your clothes takes longer than machine-drying, the benefits are worth the wait. Aside from keeping your clothes in great condition for longer, line-drying also saves energy—a major win for the planet.

5. Heatless Curls

The referential
beauty looks in Victory
are something to behold. And, as curling irons didn't come around until 1959, the glossy curls are achieved by more sustainable means: pin curls or
heatless rollers
, an accidentally-eco technique that requires zero electricity.
Fortunately, this trend is also
making a comeback
in the modern (and real) world.