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15 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes You Can Make Yourself

From Don't Worry Darling to Euphoria, these pop culture Halloween costumes won't disappoint. Better yet, you can DIY them in minutes.

Written by
Brightly Staff
is just around the corner—and if you're procrastinating on your costume game, the time to brainstorm is now. Fortunately, the world of pop culture is bursting with inspiration, with outfit ideas born of music, television, and film made even more creative when you choose to craft them yourself.
$3.3 billion
was spent on costumes last year in the United States. Making a DIY pop culture Halloween costume can combat the issue—instead of buying something from Amazon or a Halloween store, you're using what you already have.
To help further combat that waste, the majority of this year's favorite pop culture costumes rely primarily on hair and makeup, allowing you to focus on your beauty while building the ensemble from
thrifted clothing
or pieces that are already in your closet.
From iconic con artists to animated brainiacs, these pop culture Halloween costumes will get you into the seasonal spirit, sustainably.

15 DIY Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

1. Stranger Things

The gang from
Stranger Things
gets more iconic every year. Channel the likes of Eddie Munson, Max, Robin, or Eleven with some well-chosen (and strategically styled) items—and the '80s hair to match.

2. Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun returned in a major way this year, featuring a new guard of pilots and the same era-inspired style. Grab your go-to denim, a fitted white tee, and a bomber jacket, and hit the town.
If you want to take your outfit a little further, dig up (or thrift) some coveralls and go full pilot.

3. Abbott Elementary

Celebrate creator Quinta Brunson's Emmys win with an outfit inspired by her hilarious show. A handmade lanyard finished with a photo I.D. instantly transforms you into a teacher at Abbott.

4. Euphoria High

pop culture halloween costumes
Ah, Euphoria. The show that spawned 1,000 beauty looks is easy to honor: Bust out your gems, a shimmering eyeshadow palette, and colored liner and create the boldest makeup look that you can dream up. Own it with confidence—you'll need it to strut the halls of Euphoria High.
(For extra inspo, look to the work of
Donni Davy
, the mind behind the makeup.)

5. Wednesday

Netflix's highly anticipated take on The Addams Family centers on Wednesday, as played by Jenna Ortega. Try your hand at Wednesday 2.0 with a duo of plaits and a slightly more stylish interpretation of the character's original gothic-prep-school chic.

6. Rings of Power

The costumes in
Rings of Power
are a feast for the eyes. From draped gowns to star-studded chainmail, ethereal glamour abounds.
To recreate the appeal of the elves, opt for an artfully draped and belted piece of silk, or a favored long-sleeved dress finished with ample jewelry (necklaces worn as headpieces are a must here).

7. Everything Everywhere All at Once

Screenshot by Brightly/A24
This costume is as simple as an oversized googly eye affixed to the forehead. IYKYK.

8. Catwoman

Screenshot by Brightly/Warner Bros.
Have a black beanie, or even a 2016-era knit hat and some black dye? Cut a hole for your eyes and don a black vintage or
vegan leather
jacket—or a tight black cotton crewneck—and meow, you're channeling Zoë Kravitz's Catwoman.

9. Do Revenge

Do Revenge features fashion and beauty that exist at the juncture of the 1990s and Gen Z. Think preppy and polished hair and clothing, bright colors and patterns, faux feathers and fur, headbands, and hair clips.
Need more visuals? A rewatch will have your aesthetic wheels turning—every character comes with a wealth of memorable looks.

10. Anna Delvey

Screenshot by Brightly/Netflix
Some oversized black-framed spectacles and a bored, slightly aggravated expression are all you need to embody con artist Anna Delvey.

11. Harry's House

Screenshot by Brightly/Harry Styles
Harry Styles' Harry's House tour has drawn crowds dressed in glitzy Disco-era glamour that echoes the pop star's own approach. Boas? Yes. Layered scarves? Of course. Anything refractive, oversized sunnies, flared jeans. You get it.

12. Don't Worry Darling

Screenshot by Brightly/Warner Bros.
Another beauty-centric option. Don't Worry Darling's above-neck vibes are based on the likes of Bette Davis, Rita Hayworth, and Brigitte Bardot—channel the era accurately through hair and makeup, and practically any outfit will do.

13. Bridgerton

The Regency Era may seem hard to DIY, but these costumes are all about optics.
Just pair the dress of your choice with a piled-high updo festooned with ribbon—and secure a favored pair of earrings—and you've welcomed Bridgerton into the 21st century.

14. Barbiecore

Screenshot by Brightly/Warner Bros.
Between Valentino's recent collection (be honest, it's all over your social feed) and the forthcoming Barbie movie, pink is in. Let your inner Barbie shine with an ode to the color—or just go more-is-more on your accessory game.

15. Velma!

Screenshot by Brightly/Warner Bros. Animation
Velma's official coming-out party deserves a Halloween homage. Though the colors of her go-to outfit are static, any miniskirt, turtleneck, and boxy glasses will likely get the point across.