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sustainable back to school supplies
10 Sustainable School Supplies That Help Reduce Waste
If you're looking for sustainable school supplies in 2023, we have you covered. These eco-friendly options won't disappoint.
sustainability tips for college students
12 Sustainability Tips From College Students That Make Planet-Friendly Living a Breeze
These sustainability tips make being planet-friendly on campus a breeze, from saving leftovers at the dining hall to eco laundry options.
62 Women-Owned Sustainable Businesses to Support Now and Always
How many of your favorite brands are female-founded? Here are 60+ women-owned sustainable businesses to support now and always.
how much shampoo should you use
How Much Shampoo Do You Need? The Answer Will Surprise You
How much shampoo do you actually need for clean hair? We asked a dermatologist—here's what you need to know.
eco-friendly sustainable moving tips
10 Eco-Friendly Moving Tips You Need to Reduce Waste
Whether it’s boxes, driving long distances, or getting rid of clutter, moving creates a lot of waste. These tips make moving more eco-friendly and sustainable.
No-Dig Gardening: How to Get Started With the Green Alternative
Looking for innovative and eco-friendly ways to grow your own food at home? No-dig gardening is your secret to sustainable cultivation.
When to Replace a Kitchen Sponge, According to a Germ Expert
When should you throw out your kitchen sponge? Learn when it's time to switch out—or sanitize—your bacteria-laden helper.
6 Organic Mattresses to Buy in 2023
Buying an eco-friendly and organic mattress is an environmental choice that's sure to help you sleep soundly. Here are the top picks.
How Your 'Hot Girl Walk' Benefits You and the Planet
From slowing down to staying (and shopping) local, the Hot Girl Walk trend is a study in accessible sustainability.
7 Fun Eco-Friendly Summer Activities to Try This Season
Make the most of the summer months with these eco-friendly summer activities. From hiking to beach cleanups, you'll never be bored.
9 Non-Toxic Nail Polish Brands That Have the Planet in Mind
Traditional nail polish is full of harsh chemicals. Thankfully, there are brands making non-toxic nail polish at every price range.
30 Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Father's Day Gifts to Shop in 2022
Shopping for the best Father's Day gifts has never been easier. Here are our top sustainable and eco-friendly picks to choose from.
Eco-Friendly Camping Gear: 10 Products to Use on Your Next Trip
Heading out into the great outdoors? This is the eco-friendly camping gear you need in order to have a sustainable trip.
The Environmental Impact of Confetti—Plus Sustainable Alternatives to Try
Confetti seems harmless, but it wreaks havoc on the environment and wildlife. Here are some eco-friendly confetti alternatives to try.
5 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Music Festival Experience at Coachella and Beyond
Here are some simple ways to have an eco-friendly music festival experience, from finding your #festivalfit to bringing a reusable water bottle.
7 Shampoo and Conditioner Bars for Soft, Silky, and Shiny Hair
Using shampoo and conditioner bars keeps your hair and the planet healthy. Here are our top picks for a low-waste routine.
6 Bookstores That Let You Shop for Secondhand Options Online
Order used books sustainably—from classics to bestsellers—from the comfort of your home!
Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Sustainability: How Eco-Friendly Are the Games?
The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is making sustainability a priority. Here are four eco-friendly changes being made this year.
New York's Fashion Sustainability Act Aims to Hold Brands Accountable
New York's Fashion Sustainability Act aims to hold brands accountable for their environmental impact. Here's how it could make history.
A Toronto Coal Plant Will Soon Become a Sustainable City
This sustainable neighborhood near Toronto will hopefully start an amazing new trend of eco-friendly cities.
What Does It Mean for a Product to Be Biodegradable?
What does biodegradable actually mean? We break down the facts, including how biodegradable products break down and how to dispose of them.
PepsiCo Is Launching Compostable Chip Bags and Vegan Snacks
PepsiCo just announced 'Pep+' to create more sustainable snacks, compostable chip bags, and more. Here's what's coming.
Why Bidets Are Better for the Planet (And Your Bottom) Than Toilet Paper
Bidets are an environmentally-friendly alternative to toilet paper. Here's why, plus some tried-and-true options to try.
4 Common Home Composting Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)
Whether you're just starting out or have been composting for a while, here are the most common home composting mistakes—and how to fix them.
Kraft’s New Vegan Mac and Cheese—Plus 5 Other Companies Making Eco-Moves
As we say goodbye to Plastic Free July, here are some big companies that made sustainable moves this month.
How to Navigate the ‘Occasionwear’ Market the Eco-Friendly Way
From weddings to birthdays, here's how to navigate the occasionwear market in a more sustainable fashion.
9 Sustainable Products at Costco, from Oat Milk to Mattresses
Did you know you can find eco-friendly and sustainable products at Costco? From oat milk to mattresses, here are our top picks.
5 Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Pool Day Must-Haves
Beat the summer heat with these eco-friendly products that are perfect for a pool day or lounging at the beach.
LEGO Is Creating Its Iconic Bricks Out of Recycled Material—Plus 5 Other Companies Making Sustainable Moves
LEGO announced plans to make its products more sustainable by creating bricks out of recycled material. Plus, other companies that are making eco-moves.
Gucci's Sneakers Got an Eco Makeover! Check Out the Latest Line
Gucci's sneakers got an eco-friendly makeover. The latest line is made with demetra—a vegan material made from wood pulp.
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