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clean beauty routine
How to Successfully Transition to a Clean Beauty Routine, Step by Step
Choosing to upend your beauty routine can be intimidating, but here's how to get started on your clean beauty journey.
10 Waterless Beauty Products That Are Better for the Planet
These waterless beauty products are a great way to elevate your routine while reducing your water footprint.
sustainable perfume
A Breath of Fresh Air: How Natural Perfumes Are Prioritizing Sustainability
Perfume has the potential to be both deeply personal and a wholesale celebration of the environment. Here’s what’s going on in the world of natural fragrance.
natural skincare brands
8 Natural Skincare Brands to Make Your Shelfie More Sustainable
The beauty industry is catching on to the environmental merits of all-natural skincare. Here's what to look for—and what brands to shop.
biodegradable soap
Everything You Need to Know About Biodegradable Soap
From protecting marine life to serving your skin, here's what you need to know about the benefits of biodegradable soap—and why you should make the switch.
slugging skincare trend
What Is the Viral Slugging Trend—and Is It Worth Trying?
The slugging skincare trend is everywhere right now. Here's how to go about it sustainably using petroleum-free products.
hailey bieber glazed donut nails
Hailey Bieber's Glazed Donut Nails: Recreate the Look Sustainably
Hailey Bieber's glazed donut nails look is easily emulated with these sustainable polishes. Here's how to master the trend.
natural skincare products acne
6 Natural Skincare Products for Acne-Prone Skin
If you have acne-prone skin, give these natural skincare products a try. They're soothing, gentle, and eco-friendly.
How to Apply Bronzer: Tips from a Celebrity Makeup Artist
Celebrity makeup artist Gucci Westman shares how to apply bronzer like a pro—plus five clean bronzer options to shop.
This Cleansing Powder Has Me Going Waterless for Good
Curious about Dew Mighty's new Lucid Enzyme Cleansing Powder? Here's what happened when we gave it a try—plus a deal, just for you.
7 Reef-Safe Sunscreen Options That Protect Your Skin and Our Oceans
Reef-safe sunscreen is free from chemicals that cause coral bleaching, which affects both marine life and people. Try these safe options.
How to Apply Concealer, According to Selena Gomez's Makeup Artist
Selena Gomez's makeup artist Melissa Murdick shares how to apply concealer like a pro, common mistakes, and eco-friendly concealers to try.
Are Sharks in Your Cosmetics and Skincare Products? Squalene and Squalane, Explained
Shark squalene is an ingredient that has been used in the cosmetics industry for years. But why? Here's what to know—and how to avoid it.
9 Non-Toxic Nail Polish Brands That Have the Planet in Mind
Traditional nail polish is full of harsh chemicals. Thankfully, there are brands making non-toxic nail polish at every price range.
How to Exfoliate Skin Naturally, According to a Dermatologist
Dermatologist Dr. Claire Wolinsky, MD, explains the difference between natural and physical exfoliants and how to exfoliate skin naturally.
Sustainable Nail Care Tips From a Licensed Nail Technician
Eco-friendly manicures and pedicures are totally possible, and a licensed nail technician is sharing all her top sustainable nail care tips.
Expert-Approved Tricks That Help Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes
This two-second hack will help you get rid of dark circles under eyes in record time. It's also expert-approved!
Upcycled Beauty Is Becoming a #Shelfie Staple
Upcycled beauty products are becoming increasingly popular, with brands repurposing ingredients that would otherwise be sent to the landfill.
Consumers Are Saying No to Excess H2O With Waterless Beauty
Waterless beauty is revolutionizing the beauty industry. Here are the brands to watch this year.
Refillable Beauty Has Made Its Way to Makeup Bags, Showers, and Beyond
Refillable beauty used to be hard to find. Now, it's coming to our makeup bags, showers, and beyond. Here are the brands to watch this year.
This Exfoliating DIY Lip Scrub Recipe Softens and Moisturizes in Seconds
Ready for silky-smooth lips? This DIY lip scrub recipe uses organic and natural ingredients to get rid of dryness the eco-friendly way.
7 Sustainable Makeup Brands That Benefit Your Skin and the Planet
These sustainable makeup brands have eco-friendly mascaras, lipsticks, foundation, and more. Here are some of our favorites.
7 Natural Deodorants That Are Good for Your Pits *and* the Planet
These natural deodorant options are made with sustainable and clean ingredients that keep both your pits and the planet fresh.
6 Best Refillable Deodorants of 2022
Refillable deodorant is becoming easier to find. Here are our top eco-friendly picks for reducing waste in your morning routine.
How to Clean a Hairbrush (and Get Rid of Greasy Hair for Good!)
Greasy or oily hair got you down? Your hairbrush may be the problem. Here's how to clean a hairbrush in six simple steps.
14 Clean Beauty Gifts Perfect for Everyone on Your List
Looking for clean beauty gifts? We have 14 options the sustainable beauty buffs on your list will love, from skincare to makeup.
This $16 Face Scrub Exfoliates Your Skin With Upcycled Coffee Grounds
Six million tonnes of ground coffee waste goes to landfills every year. UpCircle Beauty's solution is turning them into skincare products.
5 Inclusive Makeup Brands with Sustainable Products for All Skin Tones
It's getting easier to find eco-friendly and inclusive makeup options. These sustainable brands make products for all skin tones.
100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara Review
Curious about 100% Pure's Fruit Pigmented Mascara? Our community gave it a try! Here's our honest opinion about the popular product.
Lizzo Just Dropped Her Morning Skincare Routine—Here Are 5 Products to Try
Lizzo finally dropped her skincare routine, and we're here for it.
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