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This Cleansing Powder Has Me Going Waterless for Good

Curious about Dew Mighty's new Lucid Enzyme Cleansing Powder? Here's what happened when we gave it a try—plus a deal, just for you.

Written by
Mia McCallum

When I think about the amount of money I spend on personal care, it’s ironic (and annoying) to realize that the bulk of the price tag is for water. Most products contain anywhere from 60 to 80% of water. This not only impacts the concentration of the product formula, but also creates more waste and more emissions in the process.

From shampoos to moisturizers to serums, waterless beauty products are gaining popularity. While we typically think of waterless products in the form of a bar, they're also available as concentrates and powders.

In an effort to better understand the most up-to-date offerings, I tried the latest addition to Dew Mighty’s waterless beauty lineup: the Lucid Enzyme Cleansing Powder, which you can score for free when you spend $100+ with Brightly's Swap Shop. Here's how it compares to the waterlogged cleansers that we're used to.

The Brand

Dew Mighty specializes in concentrated skincare products that are completely plastic-free and waterless. Using natural ingredients and scientifically-minded sustainability, the brand couples innovative formulas with refillable packaging for a super-eco option.

The company prides itself on using clinical-level, dermatologically-tested actives that deliver noticeable results while also striving toward zero-waste. Its performance-driven skincare takes our bodies and our planet into consideration, and helps take care of both.

As I’ve been using Dew Mighty's Bloom Jelly Serum Bar for about a year, I was incredibly excited to hear that they were launching something new. When given the opportunity to try it, I immediately agreed! 

Trying the Cleanser

I was both excited and nervous to sample a powdered cleanser. Excited, because I enjoyed the long-term effects of their Bloom Jelly Serum Bar, and because founder and CEO Tiffany Buzzatto puts so much time and care into creating products (this one took about two years!). However, I was admittedly nervous because I had tried an exfoliating powder cleanser previously, and it didn’t work well for me. 

The Immaculate Duo Purity Starter Set was delivered with FSC-certified, veggie-coated paper packaging that is both recyclable and compostable. The kit includes an endlessly refillable metal container and up to a two-month supply of the brand's Lucid Enzyme Cleansing Powder—that’s enough for 160 washes! It’s also super portable, making it perfect for travel.

Want to try out Dew Mighty for yourself? Visit the Brightly Shop to get the Immaculate Duo Purity Starter Set FREE with purchases over $100.

To use, simply tap a pea-sized amount of powder into the palm of your hand and add water. It’s important to note that a little H2O goes a long way. This powder is concentrated and doesn’t lather like the cleansers you may be used to, but make no mistake, this cleanser is just as effective! The non-stripping formula promotes a healthy glow, with brightening actives, niacinamide, and pineapple enzymes designed to target dullness, leaving skin feeling soft and refreshed after each use.

If your skin needs a little extra love (like mine), the cleanser can also be used as a mask or spot treatment. Just hydrate a generous amount of powder into a thick paste and apply it to your whole face or to desired areas. Let it do its thing for twenty minutes or until dry, rinse with water, and enjoy the glow!

Final Thoughts 

I only have positive things to say about this product! As someone with sensitive and reactive skin, I absolutely loved that my face felt clean in a way that didn't veer into moisture-stripping territory. I'm also here for a product with multiple uses because it means fewer products that I have to buy—which is better, in turn, for the planet.

Overall, Dew Mighty has created another amazing product. While sustainable skincare may seem daunting, the brand makes it easy to understand included ingredients, why they work, and why its products are good for the planet.