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7 Best Sustainable Moisture-Wicking Underwear for Workouts and Beyond

Looking for sustainable moisture-wicking underwear? There are the best expert-approved picks to shop in 2023.

moisture wicking underwear
Written by
Andrea Hill
Shopping for underwear probably isn’t the most exciting thing on your list, but it’s something we all have to do at some point. Noticing some wear and tear on your favorite undies? Has it been years since you’ve slipped into a fresh pair? Both are good indicators of it being time for an underwear haul. And thanks to the
sustainability movement in fashion
, eco-friendly underwear options have become far more popular than they used to be.
Depending on your needs and lifestyle, moisture-wicking underwear should be on your list. Perfect for workouts at the gym,
, or
long hikes in the wilderness
, moisture-wicking underwear helps draw moisture from your body rather than having it sit there all day (and ultimately causing discomfort). 

Why to Opt for Sustainable Moisture-Wicking Underwear

moisture wicking underwear
While a lot of moisture-wicking underwear on the market is produced with synthetic materials, sustainable options are extra safe for the gentler parts of our bodies—and the environment, too.
You’ll find that some natural fibers, like
, work to prevent us from being drenched in our briefs, thongs, and boyshorts every day. And, contrary to popular belief, organic cotton has natural moisture-wicking abilities. "It's going to be the best fabric to use in any form of underwear," says board-certified OB-GYN,
Shon Cooper
, MD. "It’s more breathable and gentler on your skin."
With organic cotton's special moisture-managing properties, it's no surprise it's often found in plenty of
—including leggings and sports bras—to keep you cooler and drier. It's also easier to wash because odors are fully released, whereas in synthetic underwear, they can stay trapped. Non-organic cotton, on the other hand, can keep moisture trapped and take an inconveniently long time to dry. 
Thongs specifically can be tricky, because bacteria can easily transfer with one sudden movement. However, brands like Parade have made safe moisture-wicking thongs that stay put while working out.
"Thongs aren't any worse than full-coverage underwear," says
Michelle Jones Singer, MD
, a board-certified OB-GYN. “They both can promote or decrease chances of infection, but it depends on the material they’re made of,” she adds. Aside from opting for sustainable materials, Dr. Singer also recommends choosing a thong that fits properly and isn’t too tight or snug.
Traditional moisture-wicking underwear is usually made of nylon, polyester, or spandex, but it can also contain additional chemicals and pesticides that are generally unsafe for sensitive areas. Instead, aim for one of these sustainable moisture-wicking underwear options, handpicked by us from some of our most trusted brands.

7 Eco-Friendly Moisture-Wicking Underwear Options to Shop in 2023

moisture wicking underwear

1. Saalt Leafproof Mesh Hipster, $36

Saalt’s mesh hipster brief isn’t only moisture-wicking—it’s also period-safe. This underwear is designed to keep you comfortable and moisture-free on even the most uncomfortable days of your cycle. Plus, Brightly readers can get 15% off their purchase when using the code BRIGHTLY15 at checkout.
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2. Pact Classic Fit Bikini 6-Pack, $75

Pact is built on offering sustainable and safe clothing to the masses, including underwear. The cotton in this underwear is 100% organic, making it a comfortable and breathable choice. Plus, the sustainable option saves 42 gallons of water throughout the production process.
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3. Parade Sweat Wicking Workout Thong, $13

This might be one of the most popular sweat-wicking underwear options out there. Parade is one of the most trusted brands in the underwear space right now, and this thong has an organic cotton lining, which comes highly recommended by OB-GYNs.
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moisture wicking underwear

4. Patagonia Active Hipster, $26

The name says it all—this underwear is ideal for those with an active lifestyle. The line uses 87% recycled materials, and it's Fair Trade Certified Sewn, ensuring those who made it earned a premium for their labor.
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5. Allbirds Trino Bikini Brief, $18

As an activewear brand itself, it’s no surprise that Allbirds has some great sweat-wicking undies. These briefs are made with 65% TENCEL, lyocell, 28% merino wool, and 7% spandex to remain breathable and fight off sweat.
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moisture wicking underwear

6. ModiBodi Recycled Moisture Wicking Boy Leg Underwear, $25

Designed for sweaty high-intensity workouts, this pair of underwear is made from 73% recycled nylon from pre-consumer fibers. Plus, all materials are OEKO-TEX certified
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7. Boody Bamboo Viscose Full Brief, $16

Bamboo is making an appearance in sustainable underwear, and these briefs are a great option for both workouts and everyday activities. They sit high on the waist, yet provide maximum comfort and breathability.
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