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Take Part in the Hot Girl Walk Trend with These Eco Essentials

Head out on walks with confidence with these sustainable walking essentials that are bound to inspire you to try out the Hot Girl Walk trend.

Written by
Brenna Marshall

There's a good reason the TikTok-coined "Hot Girl Walk" is the trendiest wellness routine this summer. It's not just another workout for physical health. It's more about confidence and mental health (bonus: getting your body into nature!).

Mia Lind of @exactlyliketheothergirls, the creator of the "Hot Girl Walk," explains that the HGW involves a four-mile walk. That's it. It's also easy and accessible, so "there are no excuses," she says. Lind recommends finding a location that's two miles away, then walking there and back while listening to a great playlist (or the Good Together podcast!).

Since starting this trend, it's sparked a walking revolution amongst Gen Z and Millennial women. There are even walking meetups in cities around the United States. And its extreme popularity is great news for both our mental health (hello, eco-anxiety) and the planet.

From a conscious consumerism standpoint, this wellness routine at its core is very sustainable. There's no need to purchase workout equipment, apps, or memberships—and you

Pull your hair back with plastic-free, zero-waste, ethically-made hair ties. They're long-lasting because of the unique way they’re made—with stretchy, sustainably-sourced natural tree rubber. These hair ties are gentle, hardworking, and super strong.

What's a Hot Girl Walk without a fanny pack, amirite? If purchasing new, opt for a sustainable brand. Cotopaxi uses high-quality, remnant fabrics that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. Carry your phone, sunglasses, accessories, and anything else you need.

Hot girls absolutely protect their skin against the sun. This Kinfield sunscreen is lightweight, sweat-resistant, and a reef-safe option.

The Daily Dew is meant to hydrate your skin while keeping your face protected from the sun. It's 100% mineral, and broad-spectrum SPF 35. Keeping the Earth in mind, the tube and cap are made from post-consumer recycled plastic so they can be recycled along with your other plastic items.

Summertime walks unfortunately mean bugs. Keep yourself protected and don't skip the application of a bug repellent, since mosquitos and ticks can carry disease.

This bug spray from Kinfield is DEET-free, smells great, and is free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. If you're curious about DEET and whether you should choose an option with or without it, you can check out our recent deep-dive here.

Four miles is a long way to go, so don't forget to stay hydrated! This collapsible water bottle can hold 20 oz. of liquid and you can hook it right to your fanny pack.

Once it's empty, simply collapse the bottle into a tiny sphere. The best part is that it's BPA-free and LFGB Certified silicone so you can rest assured it's top quality.

6. Solar Lantern, $32

Hot Girl Walking at night? Keep yourself safe and illuminate the road in front of you. A flashlight may be a bulky option, so check out this solar lantern. Charge it during the day and watch it light up at night!

It's self-inflatable, making it easy to open. It's also lightweight and made from recyclable PET sailcloth, which is rip-proof, waterproof, and tear-proof. Hang it on your fanny pack for a hands-free illuminated stroll.

There's nothing worse than your phone dying while you're out on a Hot Girl Walk. Luckily, that will never happen again thanks to this solar charger. You can charge it either by micro-USB or via solar and it comes with two USB outputs to charge your phone and beyond.

Also cool? It has a built-in (and ultra-bright) 1,000 lumen LED grid that works even better than traditional flashlights or headlamps. Thanks to the sun, you'll never be left without a charge.

Pair your biker shorts with a matching top. This bra comes in the same options of colors and sizes. It diverts 12 water bottles from landfills and prevents almost 9 pounds of CO2 emissions.

If you're walking four or more miles a day, it may be time to invest in some good-quality shoes to support your feet and back.

Allbirds is doing a lot on the sustainability front, including inventing its own shoe sole material when it couldn't find one that met its sustainability standards. It's derived from the world’s first carbon-negative green EVA. For other sustainable sneakers, click here.

If it's time to upgrade to better-quality headphones, House of Marley is arguably one of the most sustainable audio brands in the game.

The company makes products with mindfully-chosen materials like bamboo and recyclable aluminum, plastic, and fabrics. Plus, the price point is pretty hard to beat.