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Our Scouts Tried Sheets & Giggles' Sustainable Sheets

If you're in need of some new sustainable bedding, read what our Scouts thought of Sheets & Giggles' sheets. (Plus, grab a discount code!)

Written by
Diana Kessler

Finding eco-friendly sheets that are both buttery-soft and good for the planet sounds like something that could only happen in your dreams. But thanks to Sheets & Giggles, it can be a reality.

Sheets & Giggles' bedding is beloved by both Brightly team members and our Scouts for good reason: It's made sustainably with responsibly-sourced materials, is super comfortable and gentle on your skin, and is so high-quality that it can last for years to come.

So, what are you waiting for? Here's everything you need to know about Sheets & Giggles' sheets, straight from our Scouts. (Want to check out their review of the cooling, weighted blankets? Click here!)

What's Sheets & Giggles?

Sheets & Giggles is a sustainable bedding company that uses eucalyptus-based lyocell—a natural, soft, and cooling fiber that's better for the planet than other bedding materials. It requires less water than other natural fibers, like cotton, during production. And opting for lyocell over cotton can save up to 96 percent of the water and 30 percent of the energy that would have been used to create cotton sheets. 

Also cool: Sheets & Giggles plants two new eucalyptus trees for each one harvested from their sustainably-managed farm. Not only that, but they plant another tree for each order placed. The company also has a program where you can donate your old sheets to the homeless and receive 10 percent off an order.

The Good

Now that you know all about Sheets & Giggles' sustainability efforts, let's dive into the sheets. According to our Scouts, they’re probably like nothing you’ve ever slept on before. The eucalyptus lyocell material is buttery-soft—so much so that it’s dermatologist recommended for sensitive skin.

What Our Scouts Thought:

  • "The use of eucalyptus is something that really stuck out to me. Especially the level of transparency the company goes through to help their customers understand the sustainable production and customer benefits of their products." —Morgana Van Peebles
  • "At first, I wasn't sure if I could believe the hype of the cooling effect. After sleeping with the sheets in 80°F degree weather, I can confidently say they're so much better than any other sheets I've tried. I slept so comfortably. They're soft, cozy, and cooling." —Katelyn Wybenga
  • "I love their soft touch and cooling effect! They also seem to only feel better and better after each wash... how is that even possible? I love how easy it is to get pet hair off of them, too." —Liz Fix
  • "I love that these sheets keep me cool and comfortable. I tend to toss and turn at night, but I noticed that I rest better with these sheets. And I don’t end up kicking my sheets off the bed! They're the perfect temperature and very breathable. They're also pet friendly; even my cat quickly approved these sheets!" —Isabela Barriga

Things to Work On

Our Scouts had a difficult time finding anything wrong with Sheets & Giggles' sheet sets. One thing they’d love to see is more information on where your tree is planted after placing an order.

What Our Scouts Thought:

  • "While I love to know that a company sustainably sources its materials (as Sheets & Giggles does), I do value the transparency of where the eucalyptus is being harvested, as well as an email once your product has been delivered letting you know where your tree has been planted. Although these may seem like minor details, it takes the product and customer experience one step further of knowing and understanding where your product is coming from and where you're putting your money." —Morgana Van Peebles

Try Sheets & Giggles Yourself

If you’re curious about Sheets & Giggles and want to try out their mystical sheets for yourself, click here and use the code BRIGHTLYEARTH for 15% off!

(Disclaimer: We did not pay any of our Scouts to review these products, but they did receive the products for free. Join our Scouts program if you want the chance to participate in the next product drop!)