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Our November Product Drop Is Here! 10 Eco-Friendly Items to Gift This Holiday Season

Here are some of our favorite eco-friendly and sustainable picks to gift for the holidays.

Written by
Tehrene Firman

This season, doing your holiday shopping early is a must. With the global supply chain crisis already affecting both in-person and online shopping, picking out gifts early is the only way to guarantee they'll arrive in time. And instead of sticking to big-box stores or Amazon, there's no better time to put your learnings as a conscious consumer into action.

"When we talk about conscious consumerism, we really like to think about the difference that happens when you can send your holiday spending dollars toward brands and products you care about," says Laura Wittig, co-founder and CEO of Brightly. "We recognize there's always room to consume less and to be very thoughtful and authentic about your gift-giving, but when it's time to purchase new things—because we do have that need from time to time—Brightly wants to be there to help you discover these really cool products that are solving problems for the planet."

Cue in our November Product Drop, which is now live through November 7th. In the latest episode of Good Together, Laura and Liza spotlight some eco-friendly products from the shop that make for the perfect gifts for friends and family. And, let's be real—great options for yourself, too. Here are some of their favorites.

10 Eco-Friendly Products Perfect for the Holidays

1. Burlap & Barrel Spice Trio, free with purchases over $100

🚨 You can get this Burlap & Barrel Spice Trio free with any order over $100! 🚨

Why Liza Loves It: "I feel like we talk about Burlap & Barrel all the time, but they're amazing. They source ethical spices from all over the world. In this spice trio, you'll find ground black lime, smoked pimenton paprika, and silk chili flakes."

Why Laura Loves It: "Typical lighters contain different gasoline petroleum products to get the lighter to have a flame. But this rechargeable lighter generates a spark without the need for that, which is really cool. They've been selling out left and right. I bought a bunch and I'm giving them off to everybody on my list."

Why Liza Loves It: "I'm super excited to use this wrap when I'm traveling. I always get super cold on the train or airplane. As an exclusive deal for the Brightly community, you're also getting the free socks!"

Why Laura Loves It: "We know robes are typically a little pricier. But if you're looking to give a really impactful gift to somebody, a bamboo robe is awesome. We're carrying this one from Ettitude. It's beautiful, super soft, and has a really nice texture on it."

Why Laura Loves It: "We designed this pillow exclusively with some artisans in India; we have pretty limited quantities, so it's most likely going to sell out pretty quickly. But we've also got a few other ones made with artisans around the world, too. So I highly recommend checking those out if you're in the market for new home decor, because that's another way you can really support artisans."

Why Laura Loves It: "Our self-care gift set has some really unique stuff in it. So first of all, it has an eye pillow from Ettitude. It also contains this amazing Himalayan salt soak from a brand called Hermit. We also are including a tea light from a company called Ritual + Fancy. And then Boody bed socks."

Why Liza Loves It: "Dew Mighty's bar serum set comes with a little metal case. It's really cool, very innovative. Then you have UpCircle's face mask, and then Ethique's lip balm. We're also featuring Activist's cleansing oil. All of the skincare and beauty sets come with a pouch made in Ghana by artisans."

Why Laura Loves It: "When I was looking for sustainable baby products, it became quite a quest to find stuff that was gentle for the planet, but also gentle for the baby. This baby kit has a really cute rattle, a Sheets & Giggles eucalyptus throw, an adorable book that talks about our National Parks, and some adorable little socks."

Why Liza Loves It: "First of all, this gift set includes a Mango People multi-stick. You can use it on your cheeks, as an eyeshadow, and on your lips as well. I love it—it really helps me super quickly look like I put effort into my makeup routine. It also includes mascara from PYT Beauty, an eyeshadow from ĀTHR Beauty, and a cosmetics bag made by artisans in Ghana."

Why Liza Loves It: "This gift set features handblown wine glasses from recycled glass made by artisans in Tonalá, Mexico. It also comes with a voucher for two free wine bottles from Nomen Wine. One of the biggest carbon emissions of wine is from its packaging and shipping. So the interesting thing is that they ship their wine in PET plastic bottles. It's 90% lighter than glass bottles, 100% recyclable, and account for 77% less greenhouse gas emissions than glass."