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5 Ways to Plan an Eco-Friendly Engagement

Planning on popping the question? A few small considerations can make your eco-friendly engagement all the more memorable.

eco-friendly engagement
Written by
Samantha Bailon
We're in the midst of engagement season. Year after year, the
see the highest volume of proposals, with a
rate of 19% in December
—the highest of the entire year. The uptick likely comes with the romantic and cozy nature of the year's culmination, along with our collective look toward new beginnings—which is why planning an eco-friendly engagement is the most thoughtful way to pop the question.
From opting to invest in an
ethical engagement ring
to taking the action outside, here are five ways to make your proposal as sustainable as your coming marriage.

How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Engagement

1. Shop Sustainable Engagement Rings

may shine bright, but they come with some dark truths. Blood diamonds–diamonds sold to fund war efforts—make up about
15% of the total diamond trade
. In addition, the unconscious
mining of diamonds
leads to soil erosion, dust, and water pollution that can be unsafe for workers and the surrounding communities. 
sustainable alternatives
such as lab-grown diamonds (which are both brighter and more budget-friendly) or something
. Even better? Ditch the traditional diamond altogether in favor of sustainably and ethically-sourced gemstones—the better to embody your partner's unique personality.

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2. Plan Your Proposal Outdoors

eco-friendly engagement
Where you decide to ask for your partner's hand is a very personal choice—but what backdrop could be better than
? Simplify this step by taking them to your favorite outdoor spot, or even somewhere stunning and new.
For a scenic backdrop—and perhaps some stunning pictures—head to a
national park
, your favorite trail, or a neighborhood park, the better to ask the biggest question in the most eco-friendly space. 

3. Keep Your Accessories Sustainable

eco-friendly engagement
If you're planning to include friends and family in your special moment, consider implementing celebratory accessories that keep the environment in mind.
eco-friendly confetti
like flower petals, dried herbs, or
paper can help enhance any photos, ramping up the excitement without all of the waste

4. Plan an Eco-Conscious Date

eco-friendly engagement
Like a marriage, a good proposal is all about the journey. Lead into the big moment with an eco-friendly date that centers on nature or community. Spending the day at a farmers' market, riding bikes to your special destination, or taking a
camping trip
are a few easy ways to honor your person and the planet.
If you want to take things a step further, consider partaking in a sunset beach cleanup, or planting a tree to mark the beginning of your new life.

5. Eat Mindfully

If your date includes a meal out, opt for a
sustainable restaurant
(think a farm-to-table spot or maybe even a
vegan restaurant
) that offers a one-of-a-kind experience.
Consider yourselves a casual kind of couple? Cooking a romantic dinner at home curbs waste and limits the need for transportation—and if you already live together, it’ll become one more special moment in the home you’ve created together.