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3 Simple Ways Sophia Bush Made Her Wedding Day More Sustainable

Sophia Bush's wedding day featured sustainable options. Bonus: The switch-ups are incredibly easy to incorporate into your own big day!

Written by
Calin Van Paris

The Brightly team is full of Sophia Bush stans—and rightfully so. The actor deftly balances her career with new and meaningful projects, including her podcast, Work in Progress with Sophia Bush, and numerous social causes. From human rights to national politics to environmentalism, Bush is down for a cause (most causes, in fact). True to form, her activist nature even extended her wedding day, which took place this past June.

Bush and entrepreneur Grant Hughes chose to tie the knot in Hughes' home state of Oklahoma, utilizing the buzz of the event as an opportunity to highlight the city of Tulsa and its vibrant community, historical clout, and progressive social justice movements.

In keeping with this personal and purposeful approach, we spotted a few subtle sustainable details woven through the fabric of the event. Bonus: The switch-ups and considerations are incredibly easy to incorporate into your own big day!

Read on for three ways that Sophia Bush made her nuptials a touch more earth-friendly.

3 Ways Sophia Bush Made Her Wedding More Sustainable

1. Vegan Dinner Option

Plant-based people, unite! Bush noted that a first course of a vegan cauliflower dish was offered as an alternative to the on-the-nose, Oklahoma-style pork belly. Vegetarian options are always a win, but all-out vegan? Even better.

2. Sustainably-Made Wedding Rings

In addition to the bevy of thoughtfully-sourced accessories that finished both the bride and groom's outfits—think vintage earrings, belts, and brooches, along with ethically-crafted diamond necklaces from Or & Elle—the couple's rings were also made sustainably.

3. Vintage Planters

We're all about repurposing. Rather than investing in an entirely new assortment of pots for the ceremony's wealth of greenery, Bush and Hughes relied on vintage terracotta pots along with pieces from their own collection to adorn their stunning, plant-lined pathways.

Bush's wedding was luxe and aspirational, but it's the attention to intention, her idea of what a wedding day could be, that make it particularly memorable. Take a cue from the actor and consider the why, what, and how of your special day—socially-minded and sustainable additions will only add to the event's feel-good nature.