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7 Drought-Tolerant Houseplants That Don't Mind Being Ignored

Buying drought-tolerant plants is a win-win: You get to add to your indoor jungle, all while reducing your water footprint.

drought tolerant plants
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Riley Baker
A simple
sustainable plant parent
hack you might not have thought of yet? Buying drought-tolerant plants that
require less water
There are plenty of benefits to buying drought-tolerant houseplants. For starters, they're true MVPs when it comes to conserving water. They have an exceptional ability to store water in their leaves, stems, or roots—and use it wisely. So what does this mean for you? They need to be tended to far less often than their more water-greedy plant buddies. If you're someone who tends to forget about watering your plants (guilty!), these plants have a higher chance of survival.
Another perk of drought-tolerant plants is that they can help reduce your
water footprint
. By decreasing the amount of water you use for your indoor plants, you're taking steps toward preserving our planet's most precious resource.
If you're interested in adding some drought-tolerant plants to your own indoor jungle, here are seven options that thrive with less watering.

7 Drought-Tolerant Plants to Add to Your Collection

Whether you're an
aspiring gardener
with a not-so-green thumb or an experienced plant lover looking for a more sustainable approach, you're in the right place.
This list of drought-tolerant plants not only have a high survival rate in dry conditions, but they also require less water, making them perfect for busy lifestyles and eco-conscious plant parents alike. 

1. Snake Plant

drought tolerant plants
The snake plant, also known as mother-in-law's tongue, is known for its striking vertical leaves. This plant is a real survivor and can go weeks without water. Its ability to handle dry conditions makes it a great choice for forgetful plant parents.

2. Jade Plant

With its beautiful succulent leaves, the jade plant is a great option for those who often forget to water. It stores water in its thick leaves and can survive several weeks without additional watering.

3. Zebra Haworthia

drought tolerant plants
This pint-sized plant packs a punch. The zebra hawthornia can weather long periods without water thanks to its succulent leaves. Its striking striped pattern adds a touch of drama to your plant collection.

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4. Aloe Vera

drought tolerant plants
This plant offers more than just drought tolerance. Aloe vera's gel-filled leaves are renowned for their medicinal properties. If you spend too much time in the sun, this plant will become your soothing BFF.

5. Spider Plant

Don't be fooled by the name! The
plant is a friendly addition to any home. Its long, arching leaves give it a unique look, and it's forgiving of forgetful waterers.

6. Pothos

drought tolerant plants
Also known as devil's Ivy, this plant is a hardy climber. The pothos' heart-shaped leaves add an element of romance, and it's known to be quite content with lower water levels.

7. ZZ Plant

Finally, the ZZ plant is a favorite for many plant parents with its glossy leaves and robust nature. It requires less water and less light, making it a strong contender for the most forgiving houseplant.
Each of these plants showcases the beauty and resilience of nature. They remind us that with a little adaptability, we can not only survive, but
thrive in challenging conditions
. Now that's a lesson worth taking to heart, don't you think?