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11 DIY Pet Halloween Costumes for Your Furry Friends

From cute and delicious snacks to spooky (and simple) ensembles, these DIY pet Halloween costumes will get your furry friends in the seasonal spirit. Plus, you likely have all the materials already.

diy pet halloween costumes
Written by
Riley Baker
For a certain set,
means just one thing—it's time to dress up the family pet. When crafting for your cat or dog, comfort is key, as an unimposing outfit helps ensure that your four-legged friend will deign to wear it for an extended period of time. But when it comes to DIYs and
materials, one thing is certain: your pet will never complain.
Revelers are expected to spend approximately
$4.1 billion
on costumes in 2023, making going the crafty route a better choice for the planet and your wallet. Pet costumes are a plentiful product on Amazon, but considering that your animal will likely only wear their outfit once (if at all), why not save the future waste and indulge in some DIY?
From cute and delicious snacks to spooky (and simple) ensembles, these DIY pet Halloween costumes will get your furry friends in the seasonal spirit, sustainably.

11 DIY Pet Halloween Costumes

1. Cat Bat

this pattern
and a black tee shirt to cut and sew some bat wings, adding structure with pipe cleaners or spray-painted straws.

2. Beanie Baby

This is among the easiest DIYs on our list. Make your own TY tag (as simple as crafting a Valentine) and attach to your dog's collar to make them into cuddly, collectible beanie babies.

3. Harry Dogger

Your pet's Harry Potter Halloween costume is as easy as your own: a Gryffindor-hued scarf, rounded frames, and a faux lightning scar.

4. It's Corn!

Pay homage to this year's
catchiest viral video
with a corn-on-the-cob costume. With or without yellow poms, cotton tees in the correct colors (or shaded with felt paint or markers) create an easy illusion that's definitely got the juice.

5. Kitten Dumpling

Those with a penchant for sewing can turn any cat into a tasty treat. Use felt,
old pillowcases
, or tired tees to dress your kitten as a soup dumpling—a costume that looks cute on the move or (more likely) splayed out on the couch.

6. Dino Dog

Dino dog! A properly positioned green tee adorned with a spine of purple felt (or cardboard) triangles transport your modern pal to the Jurassic age.

7. Cowpup

Your western-most hat and a camel scarf or well-wrapped tee are all your dog needs to become a bonified cowpup.

8. Piñata Pup

This party-ready
is all about the color. Sort through your donations bag and find a rainbow of tees to cut and sew into a fringed and decorative tank.
If you're feeling particularly creative, a medley of ribbon and cardboard can become a mini sombrero with a few crafty steps.

9. Leggo Doggo

Save small cardboard boxes from the recycling bin by transforming them into colorful Lego blocks for your pups. Craft the nodules from to-go coffee cups, paint the color of your choice, and secure to your dogs with an attached strap or an old set of shoelaces.

10. Ghost Pet

The classic sheet ghost costume works just as well on your (patient) pets.

11. The Sims

Meow Box
This reinterpretation of the classic Sims costume allows owners to coordinate with their four-legged friends. Just cut and color a duo of elongated paper or cardboard diamonds and attach to hats and collars. Voilà! Instant simulation.