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5 DIY Backyard Pond Ideas That Turn Trash Into Treasure

You can create your own personal oasis by utilizing materials you already have on hand. Here are the best DIY backyard pond ideas to get you started.

diy backyard ponds
Written by
Tehrene Firman
You don’t need a huge space to enjoy the magic of a backyard pond. Ponds come in all shapes and sizes, and many can be created using the
materials you already have
(or can easily get your hands on). Think plant pots, old bathtubs, and beyond. Better yet, creating this oasis also comes with numerous benefits—both for you and the planet.

The Benefits of Backyard Ponds

diy backyard ponds
Aside from giving you a relaxing space to unwind after even the most stressful days, backyard ponds also benefit the environment. First, utilizing materials that would typically be tossed out
keeps waste out of landfills
. An old bathtub may look like trash, but it can quickly be transformed into something Pinterest-worthy.
Creating a DIY backyard pond also enhances biodiversity, providing a valuable habitat for insects and animals that contributes to the overall health of the ecosystem. Additionally, ponds provide a safe haven for wildlife, giving birds and insects a place to rest, hide, or grab a drink of water. By incorporating
specific flowering plants
, you can even attract pollinators, offering a supplementary food source when they stop by.
If you've been considering creating a DIY backyard pond, now's the time. Here are some ideas to get you started.

5 DIY Backyard Pond Ideas to Try

Tire Pond

diy backyard pond
Photo: The DIY Life
Have an old tire you're not sure what to do with? You can easily upgrade it into a beautiful DIY backyard pond. With some decorative rocks around the edges, no one will be able to tell this project started with a piece of trash.

Plant Pot Pond

Photo: HGTV
Put an old plant pot to good use by turning it into a cute backyard pond. Fill it with plants and rocks and it will be the perfect place for birds and
to visit.

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Stock Tank Pond

diy backyard ponds
Photo: Pam Penick/Digging
If you can get your hands on an old stock tank—aka what farmers use to provide drinking water to cattle—you can turn it into a big backyard pond. Either leave it above ground or dig a hole and make a beautiful in-ground option. Fill it with lily pads and other plants and it won't be long before frog families are moving in.

Whiskey Barrel Pond

diy backyard ponds
Photo: Blue World Gardener
A whiskey barrel makes for the perfect base for a cute backyard pond. It only takes a few months to start developing a mini-ecosystem that's sure to be inviting to local wildlife.

Bathtub Pond

Photo: Empress of Dirt
Don't toss out that old bathtub. Instead, turn it into a rustic backyard pond. This clawfoot option was repurposed with a recirculating pond pump, aquatic plants, and some bricks.