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7 Bottle Cap Crafts for Kids That Reduce Waste

Get crafty with a material that often winds up in the landfill: bottle caps. These eco-friendly art projects will keep kids busy for hours, all while helping to reducing waste.

bottle cap art projects
Written by
Riley Baker
Ready to transform trash into artistic treasure? Fed up with bottle caps cluttering up your space, or even worse, piling up in landfills? Utilizing bottle caps in art projects is a great way to bond with your kids, all while sprinkling in lessons about
waste reduction
According to the
Beach Environmental Awareness Campaign Hawaii
, bottle caps are on the top 10 list of trash found during
beach cleanups
. Unfortunately, so many bottle caps wind up as waste because of how difficult they can be to recycle. According to
Napa Recycling & Waste Services
, bottle caps—although recyclable—can easily get lost during the
recycling process
due to their small size. That's why it's a better move to keep plastic bottle caps attached to their bottles, and to put metal bottle caps in an empty food can so they don't get lost. Once the can is full, you can pinch the top so they don't spill out and recycle the contents together.
You can also utilize bottle caps in crafts, giving kids the chance to create an
masterpiece that's bound to be a family keepsake for years to come. Utilizing materials you already have isn't just a fun and artistic endeavor, but also a means to instill sustainability and environmental consciousness in the younger generation.

The Benefits of Bottle Cap Crafts

bottle cap art projects
Creating bottle cap art has many benefits. First and foremost, it encourages creativity and imagination. By using unconventional materials like bottle caps, children are encouraged to think outside the box and come up with unique and innovative ideas. These projects also help improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as children work with small objects and practice precision and control.

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Another benefit of bottle cap art projects is that they promote sustainability and environmental awareness. Through these creative endeavors, kids get a hands-on lesson on the significance of reducing waste and upcycling old items, giving them a new appreciation for the world around them.

7 Bottle Cap Crafts for Kids

Bottle Cap Magnets

bottle cap art projects
Photo: Modge Pod Rocks
Ready to dive into an engaging and practical project? It's as simple as affixing magnets onto the reverse side of bottle caps. Guide your little ones in embellishing the front with their creative touch, using paints, stickers, or even personalized photos. Once complete, these charming magnets become the perfect holders for your child's artwork or those crucial fridge notes.

Bottle Cap Necklace

Photo: Kitchen Counter Chronicles
Ever thought about transforming those discarded bottle caps into a chic piece of jewelry? It's a perfect way to breathe new life into items that would otherwise end up in the trash. This project, ideal for children of all ages, isn't only a step toward reducing waste, but also sparks creativity and imagination. 

Bottle Cap Mosaic

bottle cap art projects
Photo: Kitchen Counter Chronicles
You can use bottle caps to craft a mosaic on a piece of paper or cardboard. Kids can arrange the bottle caps in any pattern or design they like using the different sizes and colors. Once they're happy with the arrangement, it's time to glue them down and display their artwork.

Bottle Cap Rattlesnake

Photo: Moms and Crafters
Isn't it fun to transform something as mundane as bottle caps into a piece of engaging artwork? That's the magic of this bottle cap rattlesnake. This craft cleverly repurposes discarded bottle caps, turning them into the scales of a vibrant, playful
that even rattles around making noise.

Bottle Cap Wind Chimes

bottle cap art projects
Photo: Kelli Nina Perkins
Bring some music to your home with bottle cap wind chimes. String bottle caps together and hang them from a branch or piece of driftwood. Listen as the wind creates a whimsical tune. It's not just a fun project, but a lovely addition to your
home décor

Bottle Cap Puppet

Photo: Messy Little Monster
This bottle cap puppet is a fun and easy craft for kids to make using recycled materials. This project involves using a bottle cap as the body of the bird, then adding on wings, a beak, and googly eyes to bring the puppet to life. The end result is a cute and colorful bird puppet that kids can play with and use for imaginative storytelling.

Bottle Cap Animals

bottle cap art projects
Photo: Love & Lollipops
For the final project, let's create some bottle cap critters. Kids can use bottle caps to create the body, head, and limbs of an animal. Encourage them to paint or decorate the bottle caps to create a fun and playful creature. These adorable animals can serve as both decorations and playtime buddies.