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too good to go app review
This App Reduces Food Waste (and Saves You Money) by Letting You Order Restaurants' Leftovers
This app reduces waste by letting you order food that would otherwise get thrown away. So we decided to try it out for ourselves.
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9 Best Zero-Waste Stores in the United States
Reducing your daily waste and becoming a more conscious consumer is a lot easier when the stores are in on the action. These zero-waste stores will help you shift your shopping habits.
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10 Eco-Friendly Moving Tips You Need to Reduce Waste
Whether it’s boxes, driving long distances, or getting rid of clutter, moving creates a lot of waste. These tips make moving more eco-friendly and sustainable.
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15 Ways to Use Turkey Leftovers to Cut Down on Food Waste
Making new recipes with turkey leftovers after Thanksgiving keeps your fridge (and the landfill) clear. Start with these delicious options.
Refillable Beauty Has Made Its Way to Makeup Bags, Showers, and Beyond
Refillable beauty used to be hard to find. Now, it's coming to our makeup bags, showers, and beyond. Here are the brands to watch this year.
How to Grow Green Onions in Water from Your Food Waste
Learning how to grow green onions in water is easy. Here's how an expert recommends going about it using your food waste, step by step.
How to Follow Confusing Recycling Rules Like a Pro
Recycling can often be a confusing process, so we're breaking it down into smaller sections to try and help simplify it a bit.
7 Zero-Waste Makeup Products Worth Adding to Your Lineup
These are the best zero-waste makeup products to try in 2022. There's lip balms, foundation, eyeliner, and more.
4 Meal Prepping Tips That Will Help You Avoid Food Waste
Meal prepping is great for your health, your wallet, and the planet. These simple meal prepping tips will help you avoid food waste.
Zero Waste Living: What Zero Waste Means and 5 Ways to Get Started
Zero waste or low waste living is easier than you think. Here's what it means to be zero waste, plus tips to get you started on your journey.
This Wishcloth Can Replace 17 Rolls of Paper Towels—Yes, Really!
Our Brightly-exclusive Wishcloths may look like greeting cards, but they can replace 17 rolls of paper towels.
Friendly Reminders for Your 2021 Sustainability Journey
As you look to build your list of resolutions for 2021, we're here to help you incorporate sustainability into the new year that lies ahead! Read on for inspiration to cultivate an open mindset and intentions to improve, regardless of where you are on this journey.
Plaine Products Review: We Tried Zero-Waste Personal Care Products
We asked our Scouts to tell us what they think of Plaine Products, a zero-waste company. Take a look to be inspired for some sustainable personal-care swaps!
How Big Cosmetic Brands Are Joining Forces to Reduce Waste
The cosmetics industry produces a lot of waste, but some brands are stepping up to create change.
The Environmental Impact of E-Waste—and How to Make a Difference
What's the environmental impact of e-waste? Learn how to minimize e-waste, recycle electronics, and shop sustainably.
6 Tools To Use When Starting on Your Sustainability Journey
Consider some of these simple swaps to make a difference!
5 Surprisingly Common Recycling Mistakes You May Be Making
Wishcycling is definitely something most of us do on a daily basis. Here are a few tips to ensure what goes in your recycling bins gets reused.
How to Cut Down on Your Plastic Waste, Every Day
We're sharing some of our top tips for cutting down on plastic waste. Even small steps can make a big difference in protecting the planet.
How to Live a Plastic-Free Life With Zuleyka Strasner of Zero
Plastic is the packaging of choice for so much of what we eat. Bulk stores are an option, of course, but that requires bringing along your own jars, getting them labeled, and trekking back home with heavy bags. Zuleyka Strasner knew that there had to be a better way to eliminate plastic from our groceries.
How to Adopt a Zero Waste—And Reduce Your Impact
There are small steps we can take in order to reduce our impact. We spoke with Kathryn Kellogg about going zero waste. Here's what you need to know!
My Journey Toward Zero Food Waste
Food is one of those things that is easy to waste, often for the sake of convenience. These tips will help you cut back and better the planet.