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Plaine Products Review: We Tried Zero-Waste Personal Care Products

We asked our Scouts to tell us what they think of Plaine Products, a zero-waste company. Take a look to be inspired for some sustainable personal-care swaps!

Written by
Brightly Staff
It’s no secret that at Brightly we love anything we can reuse. That’s why we love
Plaine Products
. This company takes away the stress of finding ways to reduce your waste by utilizing reusable packaging. All you have to do is mail the item back when you notice you’re running low! Above all, their subscription option makes it extra easy and affordable, too (who can say no to a reoccurring discount?). Gone are the days of half-empty shampoo bottles cluttering your space!
We gave our Scouts the opportunity to dive in and get their hands dirty in these zero-waste personal care products and it made the environmental impact and everyday mundane task worthwhile.
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Plaine Products
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(Disclaimer: We did not pay any of our Scouts to review these products, but they did receive the products for free. Join our Scouts program if you want a chance to participate in the next product drop!)

Plaine Products Review: What Our Scouts Thought

"I never thought of having this type of packaging with my hand sanitizer as I always have plastic ones which is nice to know this option is available. I really enjoyed how the hand sanitizer came with a spray top and it was small enough for my purse. It does not dry my hands out like the sanitizer I have been using recently. Also, the beauty oil was very moisturizing when I applied to my hands and it really did make a difference after a few days. I really enjoy using it at night because it has a calming smell." —Jennifer Medina-Gurrera

"The products themselves did not call out anything marvelously different than other I’ve used, but they are just as good and the packaging makes it so much better! It comes in a simple box that just perfectly fits the products and a little info card. The best part is they rescue the bottles when you're done! You can just send them back. So refreshing knowing the bottle isn’t going to waste!" —Lauren Coching
"I have used a huge variety of face washes and I have to say this one is my favorite by far! The hand wash is also my favorite compared to other organic products I've used. The fact that the bottles can be refilled is also a huge factor in why I love these products so much. The price point is about the same for face wash you would normally buy at the store." —Kaitlyn Lowery
"I’m typically someone that uses bars of soap but from time to time I’ll get body wash and hand soap that comes in plastic bottles. This product provides users with a more sustainable approach by allowing them to use and return empty bottles for the company to use. Huge plus." —Rubilyn Loanzon
"The scent is absolutely amazing and it makes your hair feel super healthy! This isn’t always the case when it comes to shampoo and conditioner! It also didn’t affect my hair color too much which is something I’m extremely happy with! I would love to try the body wash, lotion, and hand sanitizer! I feel as though since the quality of the shampoo and conditioner was amazing that the other products will have amazing quality as well!" —Sydney Kazansky
"I love the scents of both the face wash and moisturizer and that they leave me feeling really refreshed. They are light so it doesn’t weigh down my face. I also love the idea of sending back the bottles and getting a refill! It makes it easy to subscribe and keep the Earth clean. Compared to other brands, it really fills a niche for a clean, sustainable hygiene brand. It is a little expensive for a small bottle but it seems like the amount of product will last for a while, and there aren’t many other brands like it (if any)." —Eden Hirsch
"In the past, I have invested in shampoo and conditioner bars as a plastic-free hair care alternative, so having an actual bottle was a vast improvement from a user standpoint! My hair also felt cleaner after use than with bar alternatives and the smell was AMAZING. Finally, the shampoo really makes my hair feel clean when I use it! Many “clean” products ironically leave my hair feeling greasy, but this shampoo feels very cleansing. I was not as big a fan of the conditioner. It felt a little watery in my hair and didn’t really seem to soak in. I found myself supplementing with oils on the tips of my hair as my ends seemed more brittle and dry than usual." —Ashley Crunk
"This is the best low waste shampoo and conditioner I have tried so far! I have been on the hunt for a while so to finally find something that works is amazing! I like that it does not leave a residue in my hair like other products in this space I have tired. Also I love the smell and that it comes in an aluminum bottle." —Mary Olmsted
"Both products smelled great, the pump was easy to use and did not get stuck, I love that it is refillable. The lotion felt hydrating to my skin. The body wash smelled great even after I got out of the shower! This product is very unique because I do not know of any other refillable body products that exist. I think it is an amazing alternative to single-use body care and is better than other products out there that use “eco-friendly” packaging." —Sabrina Wisbiski
"I love that the packaging for these products is not made from plastic. I’ve been using the Garnier Micellar Water as toner and it comes in plastic packaging. I’ve never used a beauty oil, but again, I love that the containers are not plastic and the ingredients are clean. These products are super gentle on my sensitive skin and don’t cause any irritation. I was afraid that the beauty oil would irritate my skin or cause breakouts (because I have naturally oily skin), but it did quite the opposite!" —Sarah Steiker
"Other bath products on the market with sustainable packaging are generally bars, like soap bar or shampoo bar. This is the first liquid body wash that I have found in sustainable packaging and works great. The scent was absolutely delightful. Both the rosemary mint vanilla and the citrus lavender scents were great. Plus, I enjoy how the scents come from natural essential oils." —Cheryl Miller
"The hand sanitizer was definitely much better compared to other companies I have purchased from recently. Due to the pandemic, I’ve been noticing a lot of product supplements in sanitizer that really dry out my hands and leave a terrible stench. I have not tried too many store-bought hair repairs since I make my own with rice water, but I found the Plaine Product hair repair beneficial as well! Functionality-wise, it didn’t have multiple benefits as to how rice water does. However, it still made my hair soft and it smelled great." —Liz Luan
"The fact that these bottles are refillable and made from the fastest recycled material on the earth (aluminium) makes it completely stand out compared to similar cruelty free and biodegradable face products. The face wash foams up wonderfully and has a delightful citrus scent. I’m used to face wash that smells like a concoction of chemicals so this was a refreshing and natural change. The face moisturizer has a subtle, yet also refreshing, earthy scent. It is very light, smooth and rubs into my skin easily. Now the real test will come as the winter starts but I have a feeling it will layer nicely! I only need 1-2 pumps of both the wash and moisturizer so they’re telling the truth when they say a little goes a long way." —Arya Akal
"Compared to the shampoo that I was using, Plaine Product’s shampoo has made my hair softer and has not left any residue in my hair, whereas my old shampoo left residue even after thoroughly rinsing. Plaine Product’s shampoo also has a cleaner label and produces no waste! However, Plaine Product’s shampoo is much more expensive, but for a cleaner label and more eco-friendly option, it’s totally worth it. I was looking for a cleaner face lotion because the one that I currently use has a lot of chemicals. They both provide good moisture amounts, but my skin just feels better after using Plaine Product’s moisturizer because of the natural ingredients. However, Plaine Product’s face moisturizer is much more expensive although definitely worth it if your budget allows." —Kayla Siedlecki
"I don’t know of any other company that has a very simple return and refill plan. It’s a great alternative to other products with “eco-friendly” packaging because the only way to use this is to reuse. The face wash came with a pump so I didn’t have to pour it out on my hand. Good consistency and fantastic lather for something without sulfates. Smelled like the orange starburst! Although I don’t mind the extreme orange starburst smell, it may be a bit much for others. The hair repair came with a spray pump. Smelled like green tea! Made my hair so easy to comb through and left it SO soft!" —Kathryn Gatewood
"This is the first eco swap I have been able to make in my bathroom, but I love that I can send my bottle back and know that they will be reused!! I personally think the price may be a little high but that wouldn’t deter me because it is a great product! One other thing is that with it being kid safe, I would prefer a softer scent ie. just lavender, so that it is soothing for my son at bedtime!" —Kimberlee Cardin
"I was very impressed with this product! These products are much less oily on my skin than many other sustainable skin care products. I like that the main ingredients of the toner and moisturizer is Aloe Leaf Juice, it does not leave a gross oily or greasy feeling to my skin." —Leslie Smith
"I really loved the quality of the shampoo and conditioner I can only imagine how amazing their other products are! Plus they are super sustainable so what more can you ask for?The one think that was unfortunate was the cost. It is a little on the pricey side and that is why it is so hard for a lot of people to try really great products like this." —Stevie De Leon