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foods you can freeze
7 Freezer-Friendly Foods That Might Surprise You
Cutting down on food waste has a lot to do with proper storage. Extend the life of some of your favorites by taking note of these surprising foods you can freeze.
how to regrow romaine lettuce
How to Regrow Romaine Lettuce at Home in a Cup of Water
Learning how to regrow romaine lettuce at home is easy. Here's everything you need to know before adding it to your windowsill.
stale bread hack
This Hack Softens Your Stale Bread in Seconds
Wondering what to do with stale bread? This stale bread hack makes your loaf soft and fluffy again in minutes. Here's how it's done.
brightly peanuts collection
The Brightly x Take Care with Peanuts Collection Is Here to Help You Live More Sustainably During Earth Month and Beyond
In celebration of Earth Day 2023 and the Take Care with Peanuts initiative, we’ve launched the Brightly x Take Care with Peanuts Collection to help you live sustainably this month and beyond.
almost empty jar recipes
5 Delicious Recipes You Can Make in an Almost-Empty Jar
Instead of washing out an almost-empty jar, use the last bits of food to whip up these recipes. There's salad dressing, dessert, and more.
how to store fresh herbs
How to Store Fresh Herbs: 5 Easy Ways to Keep Them Fresh
Don't let your herbs go to waste! Here's how to store fresh herbs like a pro. With these tricks, you'll be enjoying herbs for months.
eco friendly sustainable kitchen swaps
9 Sustainable Kitchen Swaps That Reduce Waste and Save Money
Looking for some easy, sustainable kitchen swaps to help improve your everyday environmental impact? Start with these picks.
Is Cooking With Cast Iron Really Better for the Environment?
Cast iron pans are one of the most sustainable cookware items on the market. Here's why you should invest in this reliable kitchen staple.
How to Make Oat Milk at Home in Seconds With Two Ingredients
Learning how to make oat milk at home is really easy. Here are the only two ingredients you need to get the job done.
This Wishcloth Can Replace 17 Rolls of Paper Towels—Yes, Really!
Our Brightly-exclusive Wishcloths may look like greeting cards, but they can replace 17 rolls of paper towels.
This Mixing Bowl and Colander Set Reduces Your Water Footprint in the Kitchen
Ekobo's bamboo mixing bowl and colander set collects the excess water that's wasted when rinsing fruits and veggies in the kitchen.
We Found Biodegradable Straws That Won't Get Soggy
If you've been searching for biodegradable straws that won't get soggy while you're sipping on your lemonade, try this option from EQUO.
We Tried ButcherBox, An Ethically Sourced Meat Subscription
Our Scouts tried and reviewed ButcherBox, an ethically sourced meat subscription service. Here are their thoughts, plus a discount code.
5 Eco-Friendly Appliances Worth the Money
If you're looking for a bigger and more impactful change, consider switching to these eco-friendly appliances!
How Your Daily Cup of Coffee Can Create Change
With 400 million cups of joe poured every day, it’s obvious that we love coffee a latte. Here's how you can drink more sustainable coffee.
Which Milk Is Best for the Environment? A Look Into Dairy and Dairy-Free Options
Learning about these dairy and plant-based milk options will help you make a positive choice for the environment.
Which Foods Have the Highest Carbon Footprint? We Found Out
If you're wondering which types of food have the highest carbon footprint, there are three that soar about the rest.