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5 Delicious Recipes You Can Make in an Almost-Empty Jar

Instead of washing out an almost-empty jar, use the last bits of food to whip up these recipes. There's salad dressing, dessert, and more.

Written by
Morgan Cook

We’ve all been there. You go to grab your favorite condiment out of the refrigerator, only to realize the almost-empty jar barely contains enough food to use.

The Sustainability Angel on your right shoulder says, "Don’t waste it! Use it up and clean it out so it can be recycled.” The Convenience Devil on your left shoulder tells you, “Just throw it away! It’s not that much waste and it’s too hard to clean.” Conflicted, it goes back in the fridge. Days (...or months) later, we spot the grossly over-expired condiment and toss it in the trash can.

Well, you no longer have to face this conundrum, because we rounded up five ways to use up the contents of an almost-empty jar. These hacks are sure to have the Convenience Devil disappearing from your shoulder in no time.

5 Ways to Use Up an Almost-Empty Jar

1. Turn Mustard Into Salad Dressing

If your mustard is down to its last squeeze, add in a bit of balsamic vinegar to create a flavorful salad dressing. In a video, TikTok user @katieanne.w demonstrates the transformation by simply adding vinegar, shaking vigorously, then pouring the dressing over her leafy greens. 

2. Turn Peanut Butter Into Oatmeal

Turn what's left in your almost-empty jar of peanut butter into a quick, filling breakfast. TikTok user @smalllife shared a video that shows the step-by-step process. Simply pour half a cup of quick oats into the jar, then add a cup of hot water. Give it a little shake and wait a couple minutes. Soon enough, you'll have a delicious jar of peanut butter quick oats.

3. Turn Jelly Into Whipped Cream

In the same video from @asmalllife, she also shared how you can turn your leftover jelly into into a yummy dessert topping. Just pour heavy whipping cream into your almost-empty jar of jelly. Fill it about 3/4 of the way, shake vigorously (like really vigorously—maybe do a little dance!), then voilà—you’re left with flavored whipped cream. 

4. Turn Pickle Juice Into Salad Dressing

Here's another salad dressing hack—this time from Nicole Rizza, the plant-based food blogger behind @moresaltplease. In a video, she shared she combines hummus and pickle juice in a bowl to create a creamy dressing. You could also easily create the dressing by pouring the hummus directly into your empty pickle jar. Simply shake well and enjoy!

5. Turn Honey Into Tea

The last hack @asmalllife shares is an easy trick for using up your honey. All you need to do is add tea to your nearly-gone honey jar and let it steep. You’ll be left with a glass of warm tea that was easy to make and waste-free. We think both the Convenience Devil and Sustainability Angel would approve.