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How Manduka Is Making Sustainable Strides in the Yoga Industry
In terms of mindfulness, conscious consumerism and practicing yoga go hand in hand. This week, we're joined by Pamela Levine and Christian Regester to discuss the sustainability of yoga and how their company, Manduka, is working on solutions that are better for your practice and the planet.
sustainable new year's resolutions
New Year, New (Sustainable) You: 3 Ways to Set Resolutions That Stick
Kick off the New Year with these tips that will help you make positive, sustainable changes for yourself and the planet in 2024 and beyond.
eco-friendly thanksgiving
6 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving
Having an eco-friendly Thanksgiving is easy with these tips. Learn how to plan your feast with the planet in mind, deal with waste, and more.
Robin Greenfield on Cultivating Sustainable Change for a Better World
Robin Greenfield shares his journey to green living and how he strives for simplicity and abundance in his life without material possessions.
sustainable back to school tips
5 Simple Ways to Head Back to School Sustainably
Have a sustainable back-to-school season with these tips and tricks that reduce waste, save money, and protect the planet.
national park trip
7 Tips for Planning an Eco-Friendly National Park Trip
It's easy to plan an eco-friendly National Park trip with these tips, from sustainable packing to respecting the area's wildlife.
how to break up with fast fashion
How to (Finally!) Break Up With Fast Fashion, According to an Expert
Fast fashion is everywhere, from our shopping carts to our social media feeds. But it's time to break up with it for good. Here's how.
eco-friendly bedding guide
The Best Eco-Friendly Bedding Materials, From Hemp to Eucalyptus
Want to make the switch to more eco-friendly bedding? Here are three sustainable bedding materials you should know about.
solar energy benefits
How Solar Energy Works and Its Environmental Benefits
Here's your guide to how solar energy works, how it compares to fossil fuels, and the environmental benefits you should know about.
human composting terramation
Human Composting 101: How Terramation Is Bettering the Planet
Dig into human composting, aka terramation, and the environmental impact of the deathcare industry.
super bowl sustainability
How Sustainable Is Super Bowl LVII Between the Eagles and Chiefs?
The NFL is working on making Super Bowl LVII between the Eagles and Chiefs its most planet-friendly game yet. Here's what you should know.
10 Budget-Friendly Sustainable Living Tips to Use in 2023
It's true—sustainability can be affordable for all! Here are 10 simple tips for budget-friendly sustainable living.
6 Simple Ways to Have a Zero-Waste Holiday Season
The holidays can create a lot of waste, from cards to meals to returned presents. Learn how to celebrate an (almost) zero-waste Christmas.
5 Ways to Shop More Sustainably on Black Friday and Cyber Monday
You can take part in Black Friday and Cyber Monday sustainably and responsibly. These shopping tips will help you keep the planet in mind.
eco-friendly sustainable moving tips
10 Eco-Friendly Moving Tips You Need to Reduce Waste
Whether it’s boxes, driving long distances, or getting rid of clutter, moving creates a lot of waste. These tips make moving more eco-friendly and sustainable.
sustainable gifts for women
The Best Sustainable Gifts for Women to Shop in 2023
Consider this your go-to guide to the best sustainable gifts for women in 2023. There's picks for fashionistas, plant enthusiasts, and more.
vegan leather sustainability
Is Vegan Leather Sustainable? Here's What You Should Know
Vegan leather is a hot topic right now. But how sustainable is it, really? Here's what we found out—plus some alternatives to try.
nuclear waste
Could Nuclear Waste Be a Sustainable Solution to Our Energy Needs?
Rather than a problem, nuclear waste could be the best solution we have to both meet our energy needs while also protecting the environment.
Remy Park Wants Your Vegan Lifestyle to Feel Creative and Fun
Remy Park's plant-based recipes are designed to make a vegan lifestyle feel accessible, creative, and fun.
Sustainability Entrepreneur Jeffrey Hollender Talks Greenwashing and the Need for Corporate Transparency
Jeffrey Hollender has built a career in the sustainability space and observed the evolution of the language and greenwashing that defines it.
5 Leadership Lessons We Can Learn From Our Animal Friends
Both new and experienced leaders can learn from the animals around them. Here are five important lessons from naked mole rats and beyond.
For Chef Nisha Vora, the Switch to a Plant-Based Diet Is All About Small Wins
Plant-based chef Nisha Vora shares her thoughts on the switch to a greener diet, along with tips to make the journey a tasty one.
The Ins and Outs of Building a Climate-Friendly Business from Scratch
Julia Collins, founder of Planet FWD and Moonshot, shares what goes into starting a planet-friendly business from scratch.
The Environmental Impact of Periods: History, Waste, and Sustainable Options
Every month, 1.8 million people menstruate—which results in a lot of waste. This is the environmental impact of periods and how to make them more sustainable.
Sustainable Maximalism *Is* Possible—and This Designer Is Proof
Sustainable fashion is associated with minimalism, but what if we said you can be a sustainable maximalist? A designer weighs in.
The Glass Recycling System Is Broken—but Franziska Trautmann Is on a Mission to Fix It
In areas that don't accept glass recycling, tossing a bottle in your bin can wreak havoc on the planet. Here's how Franziska Trautmann is combatting the issue.
How Environmental Activist Sharona Shnayder Is Using Social Media to Start an Anti-Litter Revolution
Sharona Shnayder of Tuesdays for Trash is here to prove small climate action work done by countless individuals across the globe adds up. Here's how she's starting an anti-litter revolution.
Restaurant Sustainability: How the Industry Is Reducing Food Waste
The restaurant industry loses billions of dollars annually due to food waste. Here's how it's taking steps toward a more sustainable future.
Does Climate Change Affect Childcare and Education? This Expert Thinks So
Climate change doesn't just impact wildlife and the weather. It impacts human life—and that includes parenting and childcare.
Everything You Need to Know About Being a First-Time Plant Parent
Are you a first-time plant parent? Nick Cutsumpas of Farmer Nick has your back. Here are all the houseplant tips you could ever need.
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