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Could Nuclear Waste Be a Sustainable Solution to Our Energy Needs?

Rather than a problem, nuclear waste could be the best solution we have to both meet our energy needs while also protecting the environment.

nuclear waste
Written by
Brightly Staff
Our dependence on fossil fuels is quite literally reaching a boiling point. If you stepped outside at all this summer (hello,
extreme weather
worldwide), you know what we’re talking about.
While the likes of
electric vehicles
solar power
are among essential alternatives, a wholesale, readily available solution to our carbon dependence can sometimes feel like fiction. But, according to experts, the answer exists—though it’s often vilified. Cue nuclear waste.
Our ongoing conversation about
nuclear energy
got a boost when Madi Hilly, founder of the
Campaign for a Green Nuclear Deal
, took to
to dispel some myths about nuclear waste. Rather than a problem, Hilly considers the nuclear option the best solution we have to meet our energy needs while also protecting the environment.
In a recent episode of
Good Together
, Brightly’s CEO and founder Laura Wittig had a conversation with her husband, Eric Wittig, a former nuclear submarine engineer, to discuss common misconceptions around nuclear waste—and its potential to help power our planet.
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