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quotes about nature
25 Quotes About Nature That Will Inspire You to Get Outside
The beauty of this planet has been inspiring great minds for centuries. Here, a selection of our favorite quotes about nature.
6 Jaw-Dropping National Parks to Add to Your Bucket List
The United States' national parks represent some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. Here are six must-visit destinations.
Tumbleweeds Are a Surprising Problem for the Planet—Here's Why
Tumbleweeds are an invasive plant species that can contribute to a number of environmental problems. Here's what you should know.
9 Jobs in Sustainability That Can Help Change the World
Whether you're figuring out your career path or want to make a switch, these jobs in sustainability help make the world a better place.
How to Have a Sustainable Camping Trip, from Waste to Eco-Friendly Gear
Here's everything you need to know about green camping so you can decrease your environmental footprint and enjoy nature.
10 Heartwarming Nature Documentaries to Add to Your Must-Watch List
Cancel your weekend plans. These 10 must-watch nature documentaries are insightful, funny, informative, and inspiring.
13 Animal Facts You Need to Know (Including Why Prairie Dogs Kiss!)
These amazing animal facts are sure to surprise and fascinate you. Learn about koalas, sloths, prairie dogs, sea otters, and more.
The Oldest Trees in the World: 7 of Our Most Ancient Leafy Friends
Ever wonder what the oldest tree in the world is? Here's a list of the world's most ancient and beautiful trees you have to see to believe.
30% of Trees Are at Risk of Extinction—Here's How to Help
According to a new report, 30% of trees are at risk of extinction globally. Here are some ways you can help save the trees.