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6 Nursery Ideas That Bring a Touch of Nature Into Your Baby's Space

We all rest a little bit easier when we're closer to the environment. These nature-inspired nursery ideas help bring the outdoors into your baby's room.

nature inspired nursery ideas
Written by
Calin Van Paris
Decorating your
baby's room
is an important step for parents and children alike. The feel of a baby's nursery sets the tone for everyone involved, lending all of the experiences that come with new life a setting in which to unfold—which is why nature-inspired nursery ideas are a natural choice.
Nature and its myriad elements come with both mental and physical benefits that are good for parents and newborns alike. Relaxed nervous systems, increased connectivity, and a
reduction of anxiety and stress
are just some of the upsides of spending time around
and the like, all of which will come in handy while nurturing new life.
From murals and motifs to baby-safe plants, here are six ways to incorporate nature into your nursery to create a greener atmosphere for the whole family.

6 Nature-Inspired Nursery Ideas

1. First, Add Plants

The obvious first step when bringing the outdoors inside: Increase your collection of houseplants. Considering that
60% of American households
own at least one houseplant, you likely have some in your home already.
Focusing on plants that are safe and
is key, the better to ensure the nursery retains its relaxation. Non-toxic options like hoya and
are a great place to start.

2. Center Natural Materials

In addition to your collection of safe plants (or even well-positioned garlands) incorporating natural materials like wood, twine, wicker,
, and more will offer the room an organic air.

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3. Try Texture

The natural world is filled with a wealth of finishes and textures, so why not bring that same variance to baby's room? Faux sheepskins mimic clouds while allowing a soft landing for tummy time; sticks make for excellent (and knobby) hanging rods; and rattan and jute skew just rustic enough.

4. Environmental Motifs and Murals

Honoring plants and
—and creating teachable moments—is as easy as adding a mural, a framed photo, a selection of stuffed animals or wooden toys, or a printed blanket.

5. Natural Light

nature-inspired nursery ideas
Natural light is
proven to improve mood
and increase overall levels of happiness. Getting enough natural light during the day also lends to solid sleep, so make sure that your nursery gets plenty of it.
(If you're worried, the addition of blinds or blackout curtains can help ensure that naptime remains as restful and lengthy as possible.)

6. Finish With Nature Sounds

Green noise
isn't just for adults. The sounds of nature—think waves and waterfalls—can be soothing for parents as well as babies, easing tension and creating a soothing atmosphere
during feeding
or ahead of nap time.