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13 DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters You Still Have Time to Make This Year
These DIY ugly Christmas sweaters are easy to put together using what you already have, saving money and reducing waste.
Holiday Waste Prevention: How Much a Typical Person Generates
Wondering how much holiday waste a typical person generates? Here's everything you should know about reducing your impact.
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6 Eco-Friendly Tinsel Alternatives to DIY This Holiday Season
Tinsel is a sparkly (and plastic) holiday favorite. Try these alternatives for some sustainable nostalgia.
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13 DIY Christmas Ornaments That Use Materials You Already Have
You can make festive DIY Christmas ornaments for your tree using things you already have around the house. Here are 10 fun projects to try.
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10 Nature-Inspired Holiday Cookie Recipes to Bake This Season
The holidays are the perfect time to get baking. These nature-inspired holiday cookie recipes will inspire your love of the season and the natural world.
Holiday Travel Methods, Ranked from Most to Least Eco-Friendly
Planning your holiday travel? We ranked the most popular methods (airplane, bus, car, ride-sharing, and train) in terms of sustainability.
9 Ways to Make Your Thanksgiving Dinner More Eco-Friendly
Making your Thanksgiving dinner more sustainable is easy. From buying a local turkey to opting for cloth napkins, here are nine swaps to try.
eco-friendly thanksgiving
6 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving
Having an eco-friendly Thanksgiving is easy with these tips. Learn how to plan your feast with the planet in mind, deal with waste, and more.
How to Make DIY Garland Using Your Favorite Fruits
Elevate your collection of homemade fall decorations with this simple, sustainable, and seasonal DIY garland made from dried fruit.
5 Fun Ways to Reuse Pumpkins After Halloween
There are so many ways to reuse pumpkins after Halloween. Here are five creative options, from having a spa day to using it as a plant pot.
How to Celebrate Halloween the Eco-Friendly Way, From Spooky Decor to Costumes
Having an eco-friendly Halloween is easier than you think! We have the inside scoop on low-waste decor, sustainable candy, costumes, and more.
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Can You Recycle Plastic Easter Eggs? How to Dispose of Them Responsibly
With Easter coming up, you may be wondering: Are plastic Easter eggs recyclable? Here's how to dispose of them responsibly.
6 Simple Ways to Have a Zero-Waste Holiday Season
The holidays can create a lot of waste, from cards to meals to returned presents. Learn how to celebrate an (almost) zero-waste Christmas.
plastic-free glitter
Plastic-Free Glitter Is Officially a Thing—and It's a Holiday Must-Have
Submission Beauty's commitment to sustainable makeup now includes plastic-free glitter, allowing you to indulge in holiday sparkle sans eco-guilt.
23 DIY Fall Décor Ideas Made From Upcycled Materials
Get ready for fall with these DIY fall décor ideas featuring upcycled materials found in and around your home.
The Cost of Thanksgiving Is Rising—This Trick Can Help You Save
The cost of Thanksgiving dinner is at an all-time high this year, but a new study found making plant-based swaps can save you up to 30%.
This Pillow Cover Hack Requires Nothing But a Holiday Blanket
Want to give your throw pillows a festive touch? This Christmas pillow cover hack requires nothing but a holiday blanket.
How Furoshiki Replaces Wrapping Paper and Cuts Down on Waste
Here's how furoshiki can replace wrapping paper this holiday season. Plus, a simple furoshiki wrapping technique to try.
7 Tips for a Sustainable Holiday Shopping Season—Including Gift Recommendations
No matter how you're celebrating the holidays this year, you can still give your friends and family thoughtful and sustainable gifts they'll fall in love with.
What’s Earth Hour? Here’s How to Participate in the Global Movement This Weekend
Mark your calendars for Earth Hour 2021, folks! Participating in this global movement is as easy as switching off the lights.
How Sustainable or Eco-Friendly Is Your Christmas Tree?
Whether you go for a real or a fake tree, there are some surprising environmental impacts of ole' Tannenbaum.
Shower New Moms With These 9 Sustainable and Practical Gifts
Treat the mom in your life to things she's going to actually use and get the most benefit from!
How to Have an Ethical Valentine’s Day
Chocolate, jewelry, or flowers are most likely your go-to gifts on Valentines' Day, and in this episode of the Good Together Podcast, we dig into the sweetest way to show your affection for your loved one and the planet at the same time.