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How a Plant-Based Diet Benefits Your Health and the Environment
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How to Clean Shoes: A Guide to Cleaning Leather, Cloth, and More
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The Oldest Trees in the World: 8 of Our Most Ancient Leafy Friends
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Eco-Friendly Kwanzaa Tips: Gifts, Food, Candles, and More
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Is Bug Spray Eco-Friendly? What You Need to Know About DEET
While DEET gets a bad rap, it's backed by both the EPA and EWG as a safe and effective insect repellent. But, it's not the only option.
How to Find Your Personal Style—And Better the Planet in the Process
Finding your personal style can be difficult. These tips will help you do so in a way that betters the planet *and* your bank account.
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9 Hard-to-Kill Plants That Don't Require a Green Thumb
These hard-to-kill plants are sure to stay happy and healthy in your space, from monsteras to snake plants.
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Here are some tips that will help you grow stronger as a couple.