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stale bread hack
This Hack Softens Your Stale Bread in Seconds
Wondering what to do with stale bread? This stale bread hack makes your loaf soft and fluffy again in minutes. Here's how it's done.
leftovers bowl formula
A Third of Americans Forget About Their Leftovers—This Hack Will Help You Use Them
A new report found one in three Americans forget about their leftovers. This Leftovers Bowl formula will help you use them before they go bad, saving money and combatting food waste.
online thrift stores for clothing
20 Online Thrift Stores That Will Level Up Your Secondhand Clothing Game
If you're looking for online thrift stores for clothes and beyond, these options won't disappoint. Here's where to shop secondhand.
This Recipe Turns Sprouted Potatoes Into Tortillas
Don't compost your sprouted potatoes just yet. First, make these potato tortillas that only require two simple ingredients.
How to Start Composting at Home: Everything You Need to Know
Want to learn how to start composting at home? This guide will teach you everything you need to know to become a composting pro.
How to Grow and Care for a Loofah Plant for Natural Sponges
Learn how to grow a loofah plant. Here's the process, from germinating the seeds to harvesting the loofah sponge.
Does Food Waste Break Down in Landfills? Here's What to Know
Does food waste break down in landfills? Here's what you should know before tossing your scraps in the garbage.
Our Scouts Tried the Coziest Eco-Friendly Blankets from Sheets & Giggles
Our Scouts tested out blankets from Sheets & Giggles, a sustainable bedding company. Keep reading to see what they thought—and find out if it's the right choice for you!
The Best Eco-Friendly Lyocell Sheets from Sheets & Giggles
The best sustainable and eco-friendly sheets are here. Read our review of Sheets & Giggles!
The Silver Lining to Staying Home This Past Year? The Planet Got a Chance to Heal
The past year has been tough, but there's definitely been a bright side to spending so much time at home.
Our Scouts Slept on the Softest, Eco-Friendly Sheets: See What They Think!
We asked our Scouts what they thought of sustainable bedding company- Sheets & Giggles. Keep on reading to see how a swap in bedding can revolutionize how you sleep and to see some photos of the sheets in action!
3 Homemade Plant Fertilizer Options an Expert Swears By
Did you know you can make homemade plant fertilizer using things you already have on hand? Here are three options an expert swears by.
How to Use the National Park Service App to Explore the Outdoors
Ready to go exploring? Here's what to expect on the National Park Service app, from the many different features to how to use it.
6 Common Recycling Myths It's Time to Stop Believing
So many recycling myths are floating around, and that's only harming the planet. Here are the top ones, debunked by experts.
Create a Macrame Propagation Station with Upcycled Materials
This macrame propagation station is nothing short of Instagram-worthy. Here's how to make it with upcycled materials you already have.
Nature's Cereal Is the Lizzo-Approved Breakfast Trend You Need to Try
If you haven't tried nature's cereal yet, it's time to change that. Here's how to make the buzzy TikTok trend even Lizzo is obsessed with.
Where to Donate Used Clothes After Decluttering Your Home
If you're not sure where to donate used clothes after decluttering your home, we have six ethical and sustainable options to try.
This Simple Hack Prevents Food Going Bad in Fridge
Is your food going back in fridge? A rocket scientist shared a simple hack that will help prevent food waste.
5 Tips That Make Plant-Based Eating Easy and Fun
A new survey found people around the world are skeptical toward plant-based diets, but these tips make cooking meatless meals easy and fun.
Use This Expert-Approved Checklist Before Buying Your Next Plant
There are a few important things to check for before bringing home a new plant. Here's what a plant pro wants you to know.