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Nature's Cereal Is the Lizzo-Approved Breakfast Trend You Need to Try

If you haven't tried nature's cereal yet, it's time to change that. Here's how to make the buzzy TikTok trend even Lizzo is obsessed with.

Written by
Tehrene Firman

Say goodbye to the Froot Loops. Instead, try nature's cereal—a buzzy plant-based breakfast trend that even Lizzo is obsessed with.

TikTok user @natures_food originally shared his recipe for what he calls "nature's cereal" last month. Since then, the #naturescereal hashtag has garnered nearly 50 million views. Unlike regular cereal you'll find on store shelves, this version—aka nature's version—only has a handful of simple ingredients: pomegranate seeds, blueberries, blackberries, and coconut water.

Aside from tasting great, he says he's also noticed how much it's helped improve his digestion and energy levels. "Whenever I eat this cereal first thing in the morning, it helps with digestion. So any kind of constipation issues, it'll help and give you relief in that way," he says. "But the number one thing that I notice is the energy. It's through the roof. I literally felt like I could run a marathon. You'll notice it as soon as you’re finished."

Basically, nature's cereal is worth every bit of the hype. Just ask Lizzo, who has shared multiple videos of herself eating the trendy breakfast. As for her thoughts? "I'm addicted, ya'll. It's really so good," she said in a video. "I don't know what it is about the coconut water, but it's like creamy. And the pomegranates give you that crunch. Don't knock it 'til you try it."

Want to try nature's cereal for yourself? Here's how to make it.

How to Make Nature's Cereal


Pomegranate seeds
Coconut water


1. Add pomegranate seeds, blackberries, and blueberries into a bowl.
2. Pour in some coconut water and enjoy.

Extras: Many TikTok users—Lizzo, included—have added strawberries and ice cubes into the mix. You can also try other types of fruit you have on hand.