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are k cups recyclable
Are K-Cups Recyclable? A Recycling Expert Shares the Truth
Are K-Cups recyclable? Keurig claims they are, but a recycling expert is sharing the truth about the billions of pods sold every year.
espresso martini recipe
This Scrappy Espresso Martini Recipe Uses Upcycled Coffee Grounds
Stay up 'til midnight with this year's signature cocktail: the espresso martini. Except this time, it gets a sustainable upgrade.
nespresso compostable pods
Nespresso Is Rolling Out Compostable Pods—Here's Everything You Should Know
Nespresso is making single-serve coffee more sustainable with compostable pods, to be released in Europe in spring 2023.
Vegan Starbucks Holiday Drinks to Order in 2022
With some tweaks, numerous Starbucks holiday drinks can be made vegan. Here's how to order a plant-based drink.
How to Make Vegan Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew
Here's how to make vegan pumpkin cream cold brew—the ultimate way to get a taste of fall despite the late summer heat.
What’s the Most Eco-Friendly Way to Brew Coffee? 5 Popular Options, Ranked
Curious about the most eco-friendly way to brew coffee? We ranked popular options, including the French press, moka pot, and drip coffee.
Steeped Coffee Bags Are the Trendiest Way to Make Your Java
Move over, tea—steeped coffee bags are trending. Here's why they're a more sustainable option than K-cups.
Sustainable Coffee: Tips for a Low-Waste and Eco-Friendly Routine
A sustainable coffee routine is easy. Here's how to select eco-friendly beans and machines, limit waste, upcycle coffee grounds, and more.
Is Lab-Grown Coffee the New Lab-Grown Meat? Here’s How Researchers Say It Can Benefit the Planet
Lab-grown coffee has officially arrived. Here's what it is and how researchers say it can benefit the planet.
Lentil Whipped Cream Could Be Coming to a Starbucks Near You
Starbucks is testing out a plant-based whipped cream made from lentils at two locations in the Seattle area.
vegan pumpkin spice latte
How to Make a Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte in Less Than Five Minutes
Here's how to make a vegan pumpkin spice latte that's just as good as Starbucks' version—if not better.
Make Your Own Oat Milk Creamer with 4 Simple Ingredients
This oat milk creamer recipe can be made in seconds with four simple ingredients. It's delicious, sustainable, and ridiculously easy.
How Your Daily Cup of Coffee Can Create Change
With 400 million cups of joe poured every day, it’s obvious that we love coffee a latte. Here's how you can drink more sustainable coffee.