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Nespresso Is Rolling Out Compostable Pods—Here's Everything You Should Know

Nespresso is making single-serve coffee more sustainable with compostable pods, to be released in Europe in spring 2023.

nespresso compostable pods
Written by
Calin Van Paris
In terms of at-home brewing, single-serve coffee
ranks fairly low
on the sustainability scale—but that doesn't mean the method isn't an extremely popular one. According to the National Coffee Association, the use of single-cup brewers
increased by 50%
between 2015 and 2020, the machines owned by 40% of American consumers.
That's a lot of coffee pods. In fact,
39,000 capsules
are produced every minute globally—and up to 29,000 of these end up in the landfill, as they're
not easily recyclable
(despite what the packaging tells you).
Now, one of the most well-known brands, Nestle's Nespresso, is launching a compostable coffee pod—a move that could serve to make the machine's convenience a bit more eco-friendly.

Recyclable and Compostable Coffee Pods

nespresso compostable pods
Beginning in spring 2023, Nespresso will introduce compostable coffee pods in
Switzerland and France
, with plans for a broader European rollout planned for later in the year. The pods will be retro-compatible with existing Nespresso machines, offering devotees another option for their at-home coffee experience.
This updated offering is the brand's answer to lines of third-party compostable capsules (like those from
) that are crafted to be used with existing single-serve machines.

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became a B Corp
in 2022, doubling down on its commitment to worker welfare and environmentally minded practices. And the brand's existing aluminum pods—which are made from 80% recycled materials—are indeed recyclable, a biodegradable option further reduces the environmental footprint of your morning cup.
Here's hoping that the compostable capsules come stateside soon! In the meantime, lovers of single-serve would do well to buy a reusable option—and
unplug that machine
when it's not in use.