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What’s New in the Clean Beauty World: Winter 2020

I never really thought about the ingredients in my makeup and skincare products until hearing about the clean beauty movement. This movement hopes to inspire increased gravitation towards transparency and better practices in the beauty industry: let’s talk about it.

Written by
Giulia Lallas

What is the Clean Beauty Movement?

The clean beauty movement refers to consumer disappointments regarding the lack of regulations made within the cosmetics industry. Centered around this movement is the idea that cosmetics products should be transparent, safe, and non-toxic.

Frustrated consumers are making themselves heard around the globe. This is all within good reason, for there has been a record of lacking governmental regulation for cosmetic ingredient lists since 1938.

The movement focuses on identifying and striking down greenwashing in the beauty industry. In fact, even the movement’s name itself refers to a common misconception: if something has the word “clean” on it, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it's clean

What is Happening Clean Beauty for Winter 2020?

Moreover, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has drawn more attention to the clean beauty movement. This resulted from people growing more concerned with safety and the impact of what they’re putting on their bodies. Because of this shift, retail stores like Sephora and Target have produced respective Clean at Sephora and Target Clean lines to limit the inclusion of certain ingredients in offered products, along with making labels more clear.

With big brands starting to play into the movement, clean beauty is gaining more momentum now than ever. In fact, makeup artist Bobbi Brown recently launched a new clean beauty brand, Jones Road, which we'll touch more upon later. Similarly, Clarins and others launched vegan, cruelty-free skincare lines. The cruelty-free aspect of cosmetics products is also important, as each year over 100 million animals die from animal testing.

As a result of the consumer demand for clean beauty and the increased number of brands taking part in it, “Clean Beauty Day” was announced. This day aims to empower conscious consumerism in the world of cosmetics. 

The Bottom Line

In essence, getting involved in the Clean Beauty Movement means promoting quality skincare and makeup products. When in doubt, a good option is to buy EWG Verified products. That being said, what brands are worth investing in? Below are some of our recent favorite clean beauty products to answer this question and get you started on your clean beauty journey