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3-Piece Swimsuits Are Trending—Try These Sustainable Options

Yep, 3-piece swimsuits are trending. But why support fast fashion when you can try these eco-friendly options from sustainable brands?

Written by
Kristine Nguyen

New trend alert! And it's... 3-piece swimsuits? That might sound a little ridiculous at first, but it's not as weird as it seems.

So, what actually is a three-piece swimsuit? Despite being trendy, it's nothing new. It's just your typical swim top and bottom, paired with a matching skirt or coverup. These swimsuits have gone somewhat viral on TikTok and Pinterest, and why wouldn't they?

It's such an easy way to upgrade a traditional bikini. Pair it with some sustainable sandals and eco-friendly sunglasses, and you've got yourself an easy, breezy beach day outfit. But when it comes to taking part in trends like this one, it's important to always try to do it mindfully.

It's easy to be swayed by what's hot and cool, but remember that most trends don't remain that way forever. If you're looking for a three-piece swimsuit for yourself, make sure to find high-quality and sustainably-made pieces that will last far beyond one summer. You could even try thrifting a skirt or coverup that matches sustainable swimwear you already own.

If you're in the market for a three-piece swimsuit, we've gathered a handful of options that will let you participate in this fun new trend sustainably.

6 Sustainable 3-Piece Swimsuits to Try

Cool is a Construct's pieces are made from deadstock and custom-printed fabric in New York. They make adorable 3-piece swimwear that's made-to-order, and you'll find it in fun tropical prints perfect for soaking in some sun.

Hunza G is a carbon-neutral company that makes sustainable swimwear locally in the UK with a small team of less than 10 people. Not only does this skirt come in tons of colors (there's bound to be one that matches your favorite bikini!), but it also doubles as a tube top. Aka you're definitely getting bang for your buck.

This wrap skirt by Summersalt can do it all. The brand makes many of its garments with recycled or eco-friendly materials, and the swimsuits are made with 78% recycled polyamide. You can wear this skirt as you dig your toes in the sand, then keep it on when you go out to dinner at your favorite beachside eatery.

4. PrAna Stefany Sarong, $49 ($37.95 through May 30)

This one-size sarong from PrAna is made from 100% recycled poly. There's four prints to choose from and it's conveniently on sale through the end of the month.

PrAna is doing some really great things to lessen our impact on the environment, like using responsible packaging and actively reducing greenhouse gas emissions so you can both look good and feel good.

Raise your hand if you've checked out the new Girlfriend Collective swim line. Create your own three-piece set with a skort and you have yourself a swoon-worthy, sustainable, swimwear trio.

Girlfriend Collective uses 100% recycled packaging and their clothes are made from recycled materials. You can check out the sustainability report on each and every item on their product page. The skort pictured above is made from water bottles and prevented over 18 pounds of CO2 emissions.

Holy colorway options! Carve Designs Rowan Skirt comes in 10 colors and prints so matching it with a suit you already have will be a piece of cake. Plus, the waist is foldable so you can wear it however you'd like.

The cherry on top of course is that it's made from 82% recycled polyester. Carve Designs works with sustainable fabric sourced from recycled plastic bottles, which is how they earned our stamp of approval.