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7 Sustainable Swimwear Brands to Add to Your Must-Try List

These sustainable swimwear brands make swimsuits that aren't just cute and comfy—they're also eco-friendly. Here are our favorites.

Written by
Sarah Pruzansky
If you're excited to splash around in the water this summer, same. Fortunately, there are many sustainable swimwear brands that will
make your poolside wardrobe
both stylish and eco-friendly.
While the best thing you can do for the planet is limit the number of bathing suits you own, that starts with selecting quality swimwear that will last for years to come. These sustainable swimwear brands are changing the way bathing suits are made by using sustainably-sourced or recycled materials, opposed to conventional swimwear that's made from non-biodegradable virgin plastic materials derived from petroleum—a fossil fuel extracted through offshore drilling.
While sustainable swimwear may cost more than what you can purchase from a fast fashion brand, eco-friendly brands reduce the need for the manufacturing of virgin plastics, and their materials usually last much longer. They also have other notable qualities, like
being carbon neutral
, using compostable shipping materials, and making swimwear in limited quantities in order to reduce waste.
Ready to shop for your new favorite swimsuit? Check out the fashion-forward, sustainable swimwear brands below.

7 Sustainable Swimwear Brands You'll Want to Try Out ASAP

1. Reformation

Sustainable Material Spotlight: Econyl
This California-based company creates feminine fashion pieces, including leopard and tropical prints. Not only does the brand use recycled materials from fishnets, industrial plastic, and more, but they are also carbon and water neutral and ethically produce their pieces in their LA factory.

2. Mara Hoffman

Sustainable Material Spotlight: Econyl & Tencel
This brand’s swimsuits are designed not only with sustainability in mind with their recycled materials and carbon offsetting, but they’re also luxurious and flattering. Well-known for their bright colors, high waist cuts, and prints, Mara Hoffman’s swimsuits are boldly fashionable and last a long time.

3. Vitamin A Swim

Sustainable Material Spotlight: EcoLux, EcoRib, EcoTex, BioSculpt, Recycled Plastic Water Bottles & Recycled Cotton
In addition to its wide array of sustainable materials, this brand utilizes waterless printing technologies to reduce their water usage, and they also donate a portion of their proceeds to ocean protection organizations. They also have a line of swimsuits, titled Everything but Water, made entirely from recycled plastic water bottles. Produced in California, their swimsuits have a classic appeal that we love.

4. Natasha Tonic

Sustainable Material Spotlight: Natural Hemp Fibers
While recycling plastic is crucial to giving it a second life and preventing it from ending up in landfills, there is the potential of releasing microplastics into the water. Natasha Tonic provides an alternative solution by creating unique swimsuits made from hemp. An additional benefit of supporting hemp-made swimwear is that the hemp works to detoxify soil and intakes carbon dioxide.

5. For the Dreamers

Sustainable Material Spotlight: Econyl
While keeping your bathing suit collection to a minimum is ideal, you probably don't want to wear the same swimsuit everyday. Australia-based brand, For the Dreamers, creates reversible swimsuits made from recycled nylon materials. This allows you to confidently enjoy your beach days and pool parties without worrying about being an “outfit repeater.” Along with their sustainable and versatile pieces, the company follows eco-friendly shipping practices, such as using compostable, recycled shipping materials and sustainably-made labels.

6. Wolven

Sustainable Material Spotlight: Recycled Plastic & Modal
Wolven’s collection of swimsuits are also reversible and come in many different styles, colors, and prints. What’s even better, though, is that they’ve dedicated themselves to sustainability by getting Climate Neutral certified. They do their best to reduce their manufacturing waste by producing their swimwear in limited quantities.

7. Davy J

Sustainable Material Spotlight: Econyl Yarn & Rubber
Swimwear isn’t just for lounging by the pool or tanning at the beach. If you’re an avid beach volleyballer, surfer, or paddleboarder, you’re not going to want to miss out on Davy J’s durable swimwear, made from Econyl yarn (regenerated nylon from fishing nets). The nylon is double-lined to increase the strength of the material, and the swimwear has hidden rubber strips to keep the swimsuit in place as you play. We also admire their dedication a circular economy: They encourage you to send your swimsuit back to them toward the end of its life to get a discount on your next purchase. Doing also allows them to reuse the material.