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15 Sustainable Fall Jackets That Will Keep You Cozy in 2022

If you're looking for a sustainable fall jacket, you're in luck! These fall jackets are cute, warm, *and* planet-friendly.

Written by
Asha Swann

What's not to love about autumn? It's the season of beautiful warm colors, pumpkin spice, and—of course—cute and cozy fall jackets.

As soon as the leaves start changing color, brands release new fall jackets to keep you warm and stylish. But with so many options available, it can be hard to decide your new seasonal staple—especially if you're shopping with sustainability in mind.

Because textile waste is a major polluter, it's a big contributor to climate change. In North America alone, over 10 million tons of clothing winds up in landfills each year. Fast fashion is also a contributor because we often fall for the low price tag, forgetting they come with a big ethical cost.

But it's not all bad: As consumers, we have the power to put our money where our values are. If you're looking to buy a planet-friendly option, consider these fall jackets.

15 Sustainable Fall Jackets

This pick from prAna is the ultimate cute and cozy fall jacket. Great for pairing with a pair of jeans or a skirt, its blend of polyester, recycled polyester, and wool keeps you at a comfortable temperature when you're out and about.

Something we especially love? The unique detailing on the fleece and pops of corduroy—a combo that's bound to get you plenty of compliments. It's a wardrobe staple that will never go out of style, allowing you to enjoy it for years to come.

What's not to love about chore jackets? This eco-friendly pick from Outerknown has a comfortable, relaxed fit. Inspired by vintage pieces, it's crafted from durable organic cotton denim and is slightly cropped—which not only looks cute with all your high-waisted jeans, but is also great for layering.

Something extra special about this jacket is its buttons. They're made from fallen seeds of the tagua palm. Once they drop to the forest floor, the local forest community dries and carves them; a natural rainforest output that benefits both the planet and artisans.

This isn't your typical pullover jacket. Patagonia partnered with Bureo to launch a collection of apparel and outerwear made from 100% recycled fishing net fabric, called NetPlus. By using it in its key outerwear styles, the company was able to divert 105 tons of discarded fishing nets from ending up as trash in the ocean.

Aside from incorporating these recycled fishing nets, this jacket also utilizes recycled nylon, recycled polyester, recycled wool, and is Fair Trade Sewn. We love that it's a piece that not only looks great, but makes you feel good about wearing it.

There are numerous reasons to love Save the Duck. The jackets are OEKO-TEX certified and 100% vegan-friendly, wind and waterproof, and extra comfortable.

The company also releases a yearly sustainability report showing its progress and where it plans to be by the next year. And since 2017, it has partnered with Amfori BSCI to receive regular social audits on its supply chain.

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If you're looking for a sustainable denim jacket for fall, this is a great pick. Handcrafted in Mexico with a blend of cotton and Lyocell, it features a slim arm, dropped shoulder, and relaxed fit everywhere else. If you want a looser fit, simply size up. That way, you'll be able to pair it with other fall staples, like your favorite sweater.

Okay, okay—this jacket is pricey. But if you're in the market for a eco-friendly non-leather jacket that's built to last, this is a top-rated pick. Plant-based leathers are a trend we just can't get enough of, and this "leather" jacket is made from 100% organically grown cactus. It's slim-fitting in a soft beige color, offering a fresh take on the traditional leather jacket look.

If you've seen the Will Jacket pop up in your feed lately, there's a good reason for that. Made from 100% organic GOTS certified cotton, it truly goes with everything. Jeans, leggings, a dress—you name it. Extra bonus: It comes in 14 colors and has wide pockets to fit everything you need when you're on the go, no purse needed.

What's great about Cuyana is its products are SMETA certified, meaning responsible labor, health and safety, and environmental practices are all prioritized during manufacturing. This trench coat was made in Portugal with 95% cotton and is available in three colors; you'll also find it in blue and green.

Waterproof jackets are a necessity for any time of year—not just fall. The inner lining on this jacket is made from recycled materials, and it uses an environmentally friendly water repellent coating to make the jacket totally waterproof. It's free of harmful chemicals and will keep you dry, even if you're stuck in a spontaneous autumn shower.

What makes this different than other down jackets, you ask? This coat is made with RDS certified down, meaning the feathers are ethically harvested. It's also lightweight, versatile, and water-resistant. It's also meant for year-round use. While it's great for fall, it can also be a go-to in the winter when you layer up, or a great way to stay warm on chilly spring and summer nights.

This jacket from Everlane looks like a classic vintage jean jacket from your favorite '80s film. It's made from 98% organic cotton, microplastic-free dyes, and even has recycled trim. This look is timeless, so you don't have to worry about it going out of style.

This fleece jacket will definitely keep you warm on brisk autumn evenings. It comes in two colors and can be a statement piece in any fall outfit. But the best part is that Italic has certifications through BSCI and WRAP, allowing you to rest assured that this jacket was ethically made throughout the supply chain.

If you want a jacket that's the perfect blend of being lightweight yet warm, this one won't disappoint. The puffer features a matte nylon shell and is insulated with RDS certified down. It's also a longer option, meaning cold autumn air won't sneak up your coat while you're running errands.

Another thing we love? How easy this jacket is to pack up on your seasonal adventures. Because it's so light and airy, you can squish it down with ease. Put in your hiking backpack, your suitcase, or even your tote. Grab it in pebble grey (pictured above!) or charcoal.

Shackets are everyone's favorite fall staple, and this corduroy option will compliment your entire wardrobe. Made from ethically sourced, organic cotton, it's soft and comfortable. The catch? It's made sustainably in small batches, so you'll need to join a waitlist in order to make one yours.

This knee-length puffer jacket will keep you warm, even on the coldest fall days. Made with a cruelty-free, sustainable fill, the material keeps you cozy in as low as 10°F temps. Another great quality? It's machine-washable, meaning you won't need to pay for a dry cleaning service.