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10 Sustainable Products to Add to Your Bar Cart

Whether you already own a bar cart or have always wanted one, the best starting point for a sustainable bar cart is a collection of eco-friendly ingredients and supplies.

sustainable bar cart
Written by
Samantha Bailon
holiday season
is fast approaching, bringing with it a slew of social engagements, parties, and festive meals—some, perhaps, in your own home. Hosting can be a stressful endeavor, but with the correct items in your fully-stocked, sustainable bar cart, the cocktail (or mocktail) portion of the evening can be both fun and environmentally friendly.
As with any industry,
bars and restaurants
produce a lot of food and plastic waste. According to a recent
report by the USDA
, the restaurant industry loses $162 billion annually due to
food waste
. To offset the issue, why not stay in and hone your at-home bartending skills?
Whether you already own a bar cart or have always wanted one, the best starting point for a holiday beverage is a collection of eco-friendly ingredients and supplies. Replace any plastics with metal or silicone options, or include recycled glass products and local, handmade options for additional charm. There are endless ways to customize your sustainable bar cart.
Read on for some sustainable items to elevate your next at-home happy hour.

10 Items to Add to Your Sustainable Bar Cart

1. Break Cork Ice Bucket, $49

There's nothing more essential to a bar than ice. Keep things cool the sustainable way with this ice bucket that boasts an all-natural, vegan, and eco-friendly cork exterior.
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2. Steel Bartender Kit with Modern Mahogany Stand, $73

Bartending tools are essential, and you'll need a material that's up to the task. This stainless steel set is a great addition. Plus, if you ever want to replace your kit, stainless steel is recyclable.
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3. Stemless Handblown Wine Glasses, $30

These quirky and colorful stemless wine glasses are handblown from recycled glass in Tonalá, Mexico, and add a cheerful glow to your glassware selection. 
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4. Tree-Free Cocktail Napkins, $5

Cocktail napkins can produce a lot of unnecessary waste, but these napkins allow you to keep your mind at ease and your tabletops ring-free. Made from bamboo and sugarcane, this biodegradable option is a must.
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5. Silicone Food Storage Bowls, $38

In order to keep the cocktails coming, herbs, spices, and garnishes need to be kept within arms reach. These silicone storage bowls will keep your station neat and allow you to easily store unused extras for later. (Bonus: the lids can double as a glass-rimming station.)
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6. The Lepanto Glass Pitcher Set, $65

This eco-friendly glass pitcher makes mingling a bit easier. Fill with a batch of your favorite cocktail and take your pour around the party!
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7. Food Huggers, $17

These sturdy silicone covers fit all produce sizes, help limit your plastic bag use, and keep your food waste down. Slip over unused halves of lemons, limes, and more.
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8. Moscow Mule Copper Mugs, $21

A set of handcrafted copper mugs is sure to elevate your at-home Moscow mule game. Not only are they pretty, the material is also long-lasting and eco-friendly.
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9. Mini Ice Cube Tray, $14

This silicone tray is BPA-free and produces ideally diminutive ice cubes. The ice will stack smoothly in any glass or tumbler while keeping your drinks picture-perfect.
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10. Cocktails, Mocktails, and Garnishes from the Garden, $21

Cocktails, Mocktails and Garnishes from the Garden by Katie Stryjewski, will introduce you to new and interesting methods to give any drink a botanical twist, as plucked from your own garden or herb collection
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