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Shawn Mendes Is Working on a Sustainable Clothing Line with Tommy Hilfiger

Shawn Mendes and Tommy Hilfiger have teamed up to create a sustainable clothing line *and* a greener world tour.

Written by
Tehrene Firman

First Shawn Mendes wore an upcycled Tommy Hilfiger suit to the 2022 Met Gala. Now, he's partnering with the brand to co-design his own clothing line.

According to a press release, the "Play It Forward" partnership between Mendes and Tommy Hilfiger will help them "build upon their shared vision for a better future." Kicking things off is the Summer 2022 global campaign, dubbed “Classics Reborn,” which will feature Mendes' sustainably-made collection.

Shawn's Sustainable Clothing Line

Launching May 16, it will include styles from the brand's iconic 1985 Program collection, including a polo made from organic cotton. According to the brand, throughout this collection alone, "the use of organic cotton reduces CO2eq by about 48% and avoids 692 tons of emissions." Using organic cotton also eliminates chemical fertilizers and pesticides from the growing process.

Sustainable denim is also a focus in this line. It's produced using 20% post-consumer recycled cotton and requires less water and energy during its finishing stages. But the planet-friendly partnership doesn't stop there: According to Mendes, "[Tommy] has made a $1 million commitment to greening my tour. This is just the beginning."

A Greener World Tour

Taking a note from Billie Eilish, Mendes' entire upcoming Wonder: The World Tour will be "climate positive" by reducing CO2 emissions by 50% per show compared to his last world tour, as well as "mitigating all remaining emissions through a combination of carbon removal and carbon avoidance projects."

"Every tiny decision we make can have a positive outcome. Every action can be an act of hope. Every choice is an opportunity to protect tomorrow," Mendes says. "My team and I have worked humbly with climate scientists and youth activists to understand how we can reduce tour emissions, and have developed a program that has allowed us to reduce our carbon impact."

Mendes will also be rocking more Tommy looks throughout the tour. The press release notes he'll be wearing custom-made and "more sustainable designs," including looks made using leftover fabrics from past Tommy Hilfiger collections, as well as vintage deadstock fabrics.

Sustainable Spring Collection in the Works

Mendes' partnership with Tommy Hilfiger also includes a co-designed capsule collection in Spring 2023, which will reimagine the brand's classic pieces "with circular design while scaling material recycling innovations."

"Everyone has a role to play in creating a more sustainable future and I’m inspired to see what we can achieve," Mendes says. "I look forward to learning from each other, exploring how creative reimagination can have a positive effect on the fashion industry, and sharing what living more sustainably means to me."