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How Billie Eilish Is Fighting Climate Change on Tour

Billie Eilish is fighting climate change on tour by tackling waste, serving plant-based food, offsetting emissions, and more.

Written by
Angelica Pizza

Billie Eilish first entered our radar in 2015 when her debut single "Ocean Eyes" was released. Soon after, she became one of the most recognized and beloved voices in pop music. With over 100 million followers on Instagram and over 42 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Eilish certainly has people's attention. And now, she's using that massive platform to tackle climate issues.

Eilish has been outspoken about climate change, and her 2022 "Happier Than Ever" tour just might be one of the greenest world tours the music industry has ever seen. From introducing fans to plant-based eating to eliminating carbon emissions, here's how Eilish is putting the spotlight on environmental issues.

Billie Eilish's Tour Sustainability and Initiatives

To make Eilish's world tour more climate positive, she's partnering with REVERB, a nonprofit that partners with musicians and concert and festival venues to make events more eco-friendly. And according to REVERB, Eilish's tour is offering plant-based foods, eliminating disposable waste, and working to offset emissions.

At every concert venue, plant-based concessions will be available to fans. And fans don't have to worry about spending more on vegan options—the concession stands match the prices to non-vegan options! Even the catering for the band and crew is 100% plant-based. And what about the food waste? At select venues, excess food in catering will be donated to local organizations or composted.

Eilish's tour also prioritizes the elimination of single-use plastics. The artist, band, and crew will use reusable water bottles and mugs, and catering will also include reusable or compostable serviceware. Water refill stations will also be located throughout the backstage area and on tour buses. Even batteries will be collected for recycling or donated.

To eliminate carbon, the team at REVERB will calculate tour emissions, including transportation, hotels, and venue energy. Plus, the partnership will fund diverse projects that help eliminate more greenhouse gas pollution than the tour will generate. And these projects will focus on frontline and BIPOC communities that are heavily impacted by climate change.

Fans even get to represent their love for Eilish's music with merchandise made with upcycled materials. Merch stands will sell upcycled hoodies. Plus, fans can also get their hands on a sustainable vinyl copy of the Happier Than Ever album—it includes a 100% recycled jacket and sleeve, FSC Certified paper, vegetable-based inks, and bio-wrap packaging made from sugarcane.

How Fans Can Participate at Billie Eilish's Eco-Villages

According to REVERB, each show on the tour features an "eco-village" for fans to visit. At the eco-villages, fans can make a donation and receive a custom, reusable bottle. Fans can also access a free water refill station to avoid disposable waste like plastic bottles.

The eco-villages also connect fans to various local nonprofits, specifically showcasing BIPOC and women-led organizations. Support + Feed is one of the many features, and fans can take a pledge to eat one plant-based meal a day for 30 days. The organization, founded by Eilish's mother Maggie Baird, aims to combat food insecurity and make plant-based foods more accessible—all while combatting the climate crisis in the process.

Fans can also test their knowledge with climate trivia at Eilish's shows. At the eco-villages, fans can take the Music Climate Revolution quiz to see how much they know—or don't know—about climate issues. And fans can even check their voter registration or register to vote at Eilish's shows, helping them use their voice to incite change.

Billie Eilish Is Shaping the Future

Eilish's efforts to create an eco-friendly concert experience and help fans get involved proves she's a role model who's using her platform to make a change. She's also setting an example for other artists to follow.

Hopefully, we'll see more green concerts in the future. For now, Eilish is leading the way.