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Plastic-Free July 2023: How to Participate in the Movement

Plastic-Free July is a movement that helps you recognize and reduce the amount of plastic in your daily routine. Here's how to get started.

plastic-free july
Written by
Jenna Mignano
If you've been looking for some motivation to reduce your
plastic usage
, you're in luck. Plastic-Free July is here, and there's no better time to make a change. Thousands of other individuals all around the world will be right there beside you, and getting started couldn't be easier.
If you're curious about how to get involved in the Plastic-Free July movement, look no further. Here's everything you should know, from what it is to products that make reducing plastic a breeze.

What Is Plastic-Free July?

plastic-free july
According to the
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
, 35.7 million tons of plastic was generated in 2018 alone, and that number only rises every year. That's why Plastic-Free July is so important.
Plastic-Free July is a collective one-month effort dedicated to consuming little to no plastic. Throughout the 31 days of the month, it can be truly shocking to discover how much plastic has become engrained in your daily routine. Mostly because there's plastic in places you would never expect.
While there are obvious sources of plastic—like in single-use water bottles and
food packaging
—plastic creeps into our lives in other ways, too. It's in
, chewing gum,
nail polish
, and beyond, so entirely ridding it from your life isn't easy.
The good news is by becoming more aware of plastic throughout July, you'll know how to better avoid it in the months to come.

How to Participate in Plastic-Free July

You can choose to participate in Plastic-Free July however works best for you. While you can challenge yourself to completely avoid plastic altogether, it doesn't need to be all or nothing. It can simply be cutting down and being more mindful of the plastic you're bringing into your home.
Sometimes reducing your reliance on plastic involves replacing it with a more sustainable alternative, like switching to a
reusable water bottle
instead of single-use plastic bottles. Or swapping plastic produce bags at the grocery store for
cloth options
you can use for years to come.
When you make these sustainable swaps, it's easy to continue reducing plastic after July ends—it goes from being a fun challenge to a lifestyle that greatly benefits the planet.
Overall, Plastic-Free July is an eye-opening experience that can lead you to make some long-term changes to your relationship with plastic. While you don't need to buy anything to live a more plastic-free lifestyle, here are some of our favorite swaps that help reduce your usage.

5 Products to Help You on Your Plastic-Free July Journey

This month, the
Brightly Shop
is taking part in Plastic-Free July with products that are designed to help you waste less and save money. Here are some options to get you started.
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1. Reusable Bowl Covers

Who needs plastic wrap when you have these reusable fabric bowl covers on hand? They're even machine-washable for easy cleaning.
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2. Reusable Market Tote

A reusable tote bag helps you avoid single-use plastic bags when shopping at a grocery store or the farmers' market.
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3. Reusable Silicone Bowl Set

A reusable silicone bowl allows you to easily store leftovers to enjoy later, saving you money and reducing food waste.
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4. Reusable Coffee Cup

Skip the single-use plastic cups at your favorite coffee shop with this reusable version that keeps trash out of landfills.
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5. Reusable Silicone Bag

Ziploc who? Easily store snacks on the go with this reusable silicone bag that keeps your stomach—and the planet—happy.
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