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Skip the Store-Bought Slime and Make This Natural Version at Home

Learn how to make eco-friendly and natural homemade slime—a sensory play activity that's not only beneficial for your kiddo's cognitive development, but also allows them to engage in some gooey, squishy fun.

natural homemade slime
Written by
Riley Baker
How many times have your kids tugged at your sleeves, begging for that brightly-colored, oddly satisfying goop known as slime? While these store-bought versions might seem like harmless fun, they harbor hidden drawbacks—not only for your
precious youngsters
, but also for the planet.
According to a
2018 report
, six popular slime products on store shelves contained "significant concentrations of boron, as high as 4,700 parts per million (ppm) in popular slime toys."
Stanford Medicine Children's Health
says such a
high concentration of borax
—which is typically used in
cleaning supplies
laundry detergents
—can cause everything from skin redness to an upset stomach, nausea, and irritability if kids are exposed to too much.
Does this mean you should deny your kiddos the joy of that squishy sensation between their fingers? Absolutely not! The answer is as clear as a well-made batch of slime: make the switch to something more eco-friendly. This not only keeps your little ones safe, but also serves as a fun-filled lesson in

Why Natural Slime Is a Great Sensory Play Activity for Kids

natural homemade slime
Can you imagine a playtime that's both fun and educational for children? Well, eco-friendly slime is just that. This sensory play material offers a unique, tactile experience that not only appeals to a child's innate curiosity but also encourages learning through exploration. The malleable nature of slime invites children to squeeze, stretch, roll, and even squish it, stimulating multiple senses while promoting fine motor skill development.
In the current climate of environmental consciousness, traditional store-bought slime options, made of synthetic materials, are falling out of favor. Homemade eco-friendly slime, however, is made from safe, natural ingredients and involves a DIY process, reducing packaging waste. Here's why eco-friendly slime is the perfect sensory play activity for kids.

1. Safe and Non-Toxic

Unlike store-bought options, homemade eco-friendly slime is free from chemicals. Its natural ingredients are safe for kids, as well as safe for the planet.

2. Environmentally Friendly

The DIY process involves reusable containers and minimal packaging, reducing waste. Plus, the slime itself is made from eco-friendly ingredients and is biodegradable.

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3. Educational

Slime isn't just a fun and sticky plaything. It's a fantastic educational tool that offers endless avenues for learning. As children squeeze, stretch, roll, and even smell the slime, they're engaging in what educators refer to as
"sensory play"
—a type of play that's crucial for a child's development.

4. Develops Fine Motor Skills

Imagine the sheer delight of a child, their eyes sparkling with fascination, as they squish and stretch a handful of slime. It's not just fun—this seemingly simple act is also a great way to help children hone their fine motor skills.

5. Promotes Creativity

Slime is more than just a simple substance; it's a tool for creativity. Its unique texture and flexibility allow for endless imaginative play. Kids aren't just mixing ingredients, they're creating new worlds and scenarios. One day, the slime might be part of an outer space adventure. The next, it could be a magical potion or a key ingredient in a pretend cook-off. The opportunities are limitless and as diverse as children's imaginations.

How to Make Natural Slime at Home

Oobleck—aka a fluid made from cornstarch and water—has become a popular natural and eco-friendly alternative to slime due to being biodegradable and free of any weird chemicals. It's fun, sustainable, and beneficial for a child's development—what's not to love? Here's how to make it.
1/2 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup water
Natural food coloring
1. Put on a
long-sleeve activity bib
. Things are about to get messy!
2. In a large bowl, mix together the cornstarch and water until smooth.
3. Add a few drops of natural food coloring and mix well.
4. Keep stirring until you achieve the perfect consistency. If it's too thick, add a bit more water. If it's too runny, add some more cornstarch.
5. Once finished, your eco-friendly and natural homemade slime is ready to play with! It's as easy as that.