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8 Lucky Plants That Bring Positive Energy Into Your Home

Good luck charms come in different shapes and sizes—and plants, too. These lucky plants are thought to bring positive energy into your life.

Written by
Angelica Pizza

Need a little luck? Try adding lucky plants to your space! Houseplants spruce up almost any area, from your kitchen to your office and everywhere in between. They're known to improve mental health and decrease stress levels. And now they can (allegedly) bring luck into your life, too!

Houseplants are more than just trendy home decor. They're living things that need sun, water, and lots of care to grow into the gorgeous, dreamy greenery we know and love. And while there's no science to back up the claim that plants can bring good fortune, many cultures consider plants to be a symbol of life, balance, and positivity.

Whether you believe in the symbolism or not, houseplants are still a great addition to any space. If you're choosing a new plant, check out these lucky choices.

8 Lucky Plants That Are Believed to Bring Good Fortune

1. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo isn't the bamboo we're used to. It's a type of Dracaena, and it's also a lucky symbol in Feng-Shui, a traditional Chinese practice that creates harmony in the natural world. The luck is dependent on how many stalks the plant has. Two stalks represent love, three represent wealth and longevity, and so on.

Care Instructions: Lucky bamboo plants are hard to kill. Keep your lucky bamboo in a container with proper drainage; the plant loves moist soil. Also, water with filtered water and give your plant plenty of light.

2. Money Tree

A money tree is a tropical wetland tree. And yes, it's thought to bring prosperity. These trees actually make for a great gift, especially for someone who just moved into a new home or got a new job. Plus, it's even safe for pets.

Care Instructions: Money trees need medium to bright indirect sunlight and require infrequent watering. Only water your plant when most of the soil is dry, and be sure to grow it in a pot with sufficient drainage. The tree grows best in warmer temperatures and needs extra humidity in the winter.

3. Jade Plant

Jade plants are also typically associated with friendship, money, and good fortune. Why? Because of the coin-shaped leaves! These plants are succulents, and some jade plants even sprout white or pink flowers. They're also easy to care for.

Care Instructions: These plants can grow indoors or outdoors and love sunlight. Only water when the soil is completely dry. These plants also thrive in rock soil or sand.

4. Eucalyptus

Want good luck and a fresh scent for your space? Eucalyptus plants are the way to go. Their scent is typically associated with cleanliness, and these plants are even known to relieve cold symptoms and joint pain.

Care Instructions: Most eucalyptus plants need at least eight hours of sunlight and regular watering. These plants grow fast, so be sure to prune and shape the plant as needed.

5. Lucky Shamrock Plant

Lucky shamrock plants are most popular around St. Patrick's Day, but that doesn't mean this plant can't still bring you luck. Though shamrock plants are dormant in the summer, they'll sprout up again in autumn.

Care Instructions: During growth months, the soil should be kept moist. Water once or twice a month. Bulbs can be planted in early spring or autumn.

6. Potted Orchids

Believed to bring prosperity to the whole family, potted orchids are a bright and positive addition to any living or working space. And if you care for them correctly, they'll live throughout the year.

Care Instructions: Orchids need bright, indirect sunlight and can be watered once a week. Be wary of overwatering or using cold water—you don't want to shock the root system. And be sure to switch re-pot the orchid as needed.

7. Boston Fern

Boston ferns are less commonly known as lucky plants, but your space can't go wrong with one. These plants are known to cleanse the air—and possibly, rid your space of negative energy. They're known to be inviting, so placing one by entryways may bring good vibes into the home!

Care Instructions: Keep the soil damp and offer the plant indirect sunlight. In the winter months, the indoor fern may need extra humidity. Lightly mist the soil and the leaves once or twice a week.

8. Snake Plant

Another air-purifying plant is the snake plant. It's known to absorb toxins from the air we breathe—leaving us with positive energy and prosperity.

Care Instructions: These plants like bright, indirect sunlight. They grow slower when in the shade. These plants also like warmer temperatures. Let the soil dry out before watering to prevent root rot.