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The First-Ever Lomi Sale Is Happening Now!

Lomi by Pela, the countertop composter Khloé Kardashian raves about, is currently on sale for $100 off. Here's why we recommend it.

Written by
Brenna Marshall

Extra! Extra! Hot news for those who've been patiently waiting for the super buzzy Lomi Composter by Pela to go on sale. The time has finally come.

While the Lomi has gotten rave reviews (including from the Brightly team!), its high price tag sometimes deters conscious consumers from purchasing it. But for the first time ever, it's now available for $100 off. And the promotion also includes a year's worth of filters and LomiPods. Check out the deal for yourself here.

If you're unfamiliar with Lomi, it's a countertop kitchen appliance that's changing the game of composting. It turns food scraps—and even packaging—into soil with the touch of a button. For those putting aside composting because it seems daunting and intimidating, this could be a solution.

It was actually Khloé Kardashian's pick for their 2021 holiday gift guide. She told People, "This device is not only super sleek, but it makes composting simple. I love that I can incorporate this green habit in my life and teach [my daughter] True about the importance of eliminating food waste along the way!"

We did a review of the appliance, listing the pros and cons. Long story short, the biggest con is the cost. With a regular price of $655, it's not very accessible. Even with a $100 discount, it's a big purchase. But for those who have been waiting to snag a Lomi of their own, this sale is very exciting news.

Don't worry, though—if you're still not quite ready to make the commitment to a Lomi but want to start composting now, we have resources for you. This composting deep-dive should answer any questions about the process. And instead of going high-tech, you can also start with a simpler countertop compost bin.

No matter which direction you go in, composting is a simple step you can take at home to start bettering the planet.