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Lizzo Just Shared Her Grocery List—Here Are 3 Items to Shop

Lizzo partnered with Instacart to release her go-to grocery list, which featured a few sustainable and vegan items.

Written by
Calin Van Paris

The shopping habits of others are always fascinating—this goes double for celebrities and triple for celebs that favor conscious consumption.

This week, Lizzo partnered with Instacart to release her go-to grocery list, which featured a freckling of eco-friendly items, all presented in a fantastical commercial that makes for some fun Friday viewing.

From the comfort of her bubble bath, Lizzo shopping creates a surreal scene. Once added to her cart, cherries rain down, an enormous scoop of ice cream (with sprinkles) appears on an equally enormous spoon, and the want of a baguette (and a French boy) transports her to a black and white Parisian scene. 


Bath bombs explode like fireworks, neon lights adorn every surface, and flowers and dessert trays turn the pop star’s bathroom into a scene straight out of Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette—give or take some tree-like Takis.

But the best part of Lizzo's list? The selection of planet-minded items that we also count among our faves. Here, three clean and vegan mainstays that will have your grocery haul feeling good as hell.

The Planet-Friendly Favorites in Lizzo's Grocery Cart

Mrs. Meyer's plant-based products provide a deep clean minus any harmful chemicals, and this citrusy scent lends to a sanitized vibe.

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All of the appeal of a burger minus the meat! Impossible Foods' plant-derived ground "beef" offers good taste and soy protein, all without animal agriculture.

We all scream for vegan ice cream. Trust us: This iconic flavor from Ben & Jerry's, defined by chocolate and cherry, is even better without the dairy.