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With ‘Green Dating’ on the Rise, Apps Are Getting an Eco-Conscious Upgrade

With green dating, apps are making it easier for singles to find their perfect, environmentally-minded partner.

Written by
Lindsey Anderson
August 29, 2022

Millennials and Gen Z are more active on the climate front than preceding generations. They’re also more active on dating apps. So it’s only natural that, for some, eco-consciousness is a key criterion when searching for a partner. Enter green dating.

Eco-minded individuals are finding one another by highlighting their environmental interests on dating apps, a trend known as green dating. Together, these couples opt for conscious dates, participating in outdoor activities such as picnics, farmers’ markets, and walks.

Eco-Conscious Interest

Another truth: Raised in a time of tech and the endless options and distractions that come with it, Millennials and Gen Z are also fickle. In addition, quick wit, confidence, and simplicity command attention, which is why online dating apps have implemented interest cheat sheets that make it easy to align with like-minded individuals.

Bumble calls these personality shortcuts Interest Badges, a list that includes options like coffee, pop music, and voter rights. With more than 150 to choose from, the labels enable users to showcase a selection of at-a-glance values—and herein lies the key to green dating. Those in search of an eco-companion can simply look for the environmentalism badge.

Worried that the self-selecting set will be a small one? Think again.

Bumble tells Brightly that as of July 2022, nearly 60% of Bumble Date users in the United States had the environmentalism badge displayed on their profile. What's more, Gen Z accounted for nearly 80% of those singles.

So if green dating appeals to you, go forth (Especially you, Gen Z)! With over half of Bumble users sharing in the same priority, your chances of finding a fellow Earth lover are far from slim. 

For those who have given Bumble a shot and have nothing to show for it, fear not: There are several other avenues for finding your climate-friendly match.

Green Dating Only

While a badge is a significant step, some sites—like Meet Mindful—have gone all in on eco with entire platforms centered on conscious, sustainable living.

Meet Mindful was designed with green daters in mind. Founded by two women based in Denver, CO, Meet Mindful was created for users who prioritize personal development, conscious dieting, and sustainable living, all with the goal of putting the “intention” back in dating.

Are green dating apps the new black? It’s too soon to say—but given recent climate developments, here’s hoping that interest in the environment becomes a universal one.