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Buy Solar Panels From IKEA: How to Sustainably Power Your Home

Renewable energy is coming to an IKEA near you. Soon, you'll be able to purchase solar panels from IKEA to power your home sustainably.

Written by
Jenna Mignano

From plant seedballs to buy-back programs, IKEA is known for its easy-to-build furniture and innovative sustainability initiatives. And this time, the company has stepped it up a notch. Through a collaboration with the solar energy company SunPower, IKEA will begin a project called "Home Solar with IKEA."

In a recent press release, SunPower and IKEA announce the recent team-up to make solar panels easily accessible to homeowners, thus helping consumers live more sustainably. The launch will include home solar solutions for homeowners to generate and store renewable energy.

The collaboration is expected to launch in Fall 2022—but only in select California IKEA locations and only available to IKEA Family loyalty members. However, the launch of accessible solar energy sheds light on a brighter, more sustainable future in which solar energy is the norm in our homes.

According to Javier Quiñones, CEO & Chief Sustainability Officer at IKEA U.S., this launch makes sustainable living more accessible to homeowners.

"At IKEA, we're passionate about helping our customers live a more sustainable life at home," Quiñones says in the press release. "We're proud to collaborate with SunPower to bring this service to the U.S. and enable our customers to make individual choices aimed at reducing their overall climate footprint. The launch of Home Solar with IKEA will allow more people to take greater control of their energy needs, and our goal is to offer the clean energy service at additional IKEA locations in the future."   

The announcement of this project coming from IKEA is great news because it means a higher level of accessibility to consumers through a familiar brand. The involvement of a brand like IKEA can mean the industry is pushing toward more innovation and affordable pricing.

And the recent announcement isn't IKEA's first effort to put the planet first.

IKEA's Sustainability Goals

Previously, IKEA has been transparent about its sustainability goals. Some of the results of the company's 2021 Sustainability Report included innovation in plant-based foods, pushing LED technology to new maximum efficiency, offering new spare parts so that furniture can be repaired instead of replaced, and working towards a reduction of plastic in their packaging.

Consider trying a veggie hot dog next time you visit—they're delicious! As you can see IKEA is making changes that affect sustainability on several levels that both have to do with its conduct as a worldwide company and the introduction of products that improve day-to-day sustainability for consumers.

And according to the press release, IKEA is working toward circularity and climate-positive goals to be achieved by 2030. The company's renewable energy portfolio is growing, and it includes two wind farms, two solar farms, two geothermal systems, seven biogas-fuel cells, and rooftop solar arrays on 90% of IKEA locations!

With solar energy accessibility being the latest addition to that lineup, we hope to see success and expansion that will bring the revolution of rooftop solar to new heights in the U.S.

Solar Energy Is the Future

The expansion of solar energy is imperative to the growth of a renewable and sustainable energy grid for the future. Wind, solar, and nuclear energy tend to be some of our highest priority, currently debated, and zero-emission prospects given current technology.

Although some sustainable energy solutions are still mid-innovation, at-home solar is a great technology that is already ready for implementation.

We're already seeing several innovations in the world of renewable energy. Our research shows the market for solar-powered devices and home energy is growing. And by 2024, it's predicted that about 2.5% of all U.S. homes will have a solar installation.

With several companies pushing to make solar energy installation and maintenance as simple as possible, we can anticipate the growth in demand.

Hopefully, we will see other large companies follow in IKEA's footsteps and offer more clean energy solutions so that a wider audience has an opportunity to implement them. More options mean a better chance for homeowners and businesses to get ahold of panels, further clean energy growth, and decrease reliance on fossil fuels in the U.S.

The specifics of this recent IKEA project are still left to be announced. We're hoping to hear more details on how to purchase, the delivery, and the installation process. However, purchases seem to be backed by SunPower's warranty.