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4 Simple Ways to Keep Potatoes Fresh for Longer

Sick of rotten potatoes? Here are four easy ways to store your potatoes to keep them fresh for longer, saving you money and reducing waste.

how to keep potatoes fresh
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Potatoes are a reliable foodstuff. Aside from the wide variety of transmutative uses—enjoy them fried, mashed, in pancake form, baked, twice-baked, we could go on—the root vegetable can enjoy a months-long shelf life. But there’s a catch: to get the most time out of your sack of starch, proper storage is essential.
There’s really no excuse for wasted potatoes. When tossed, the miracle food often goes to the landfill, fated to release
greenhouse gases
that lend to
global warming
when it's true, more delicious destiny was a place on your plate.
helps to minimize waste, but keeping food fresh—and actually eating it—is a superior solution. 
If you’re looking to learn how to keep your potatoes fresh, these easy steps will help them to stay in your menu rotation for months on end. Here’s how to keep your potatoes around for a long, long time. 

How to Store Potatoes: 4 Techniques That Keep Them Fresh

1. Keep in a Cool, Dark Place

how to keep potatoes fresh
Potatoes enjoy a chill (but not too chill!) environment. Between 40-45 degrees is the optimal temperature—any colder, and starches will begin to convert to sugars, which is why it's best to avoid refrigeration.
Darkness is also crucial, as exposure to light increases the buildup of chlorophyll and solanine, an alkaloid that can be toxic. And while the terms "cool" and "dark" are usually accompanied by "dry," in this case, humidity is a good thing—potatoes enjoy as much as 90%.

2. Store Somewhere With Airflow 

how to keep potatoes fresh
When it comes to potatoes, moisture is the enemy of freshness, so make sure that your potatoes are afforded plenty of airflow. A paper or mesh bag—or even a wooden crate— can help to ensure adequate ventilation. Breathability is key.

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3. Keep Away From Onions

Though potatoes and onions are often grouped together, storing them in one place can lead to accelerated rot. The gases released by onions—more specifically,
ethylene gas
—can lead to overripening and sprouting.
Sprouted potatoes
are generally still safe to eat, so long as they aren't shriveled.)

4. Remove Potatoes With Rot

how to keep potatoes fresh
As with
most produce
, begets rot, so remove problematic potatoes from the jump. The moisture and gases released can ruin an entire batch of otherwise fresh roots.